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CBS News

CBS news joined the chorus of biased, anti-Israel media outlets that seek to whitewash Palestinian terrorism and portray Israel as the aggressor. Demand from CBS that it adhere to international journalistic standards and ethics and cease its biased reporting!

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Save Lital's Life

One year ago, Lital was a typical six-year-old, happy normal girl. Today, after three different tries at chemotherapy, the only way to save her life is with an expensive medication called Keytruda. The success rate is incredible, but funds are needed to purchase the medication.

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Ban Ki-moon

Once again, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demonstrated his anti-Israel bias, when he said it was “human nature to react to occupation,” implying that deadly Palestinian terror attacks are excusable. It is Ban's remarks that are inexcusable! Protest now!

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By deciding that comments opposing mass immigration are racist, Facebook is condemning the majority of Europeans. This is a policy that will help push Europe towards disaster.

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Israeli medical, gold

Researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University are developing gold nano-rods to help identify and treat blocked arteries, and scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have destroyed the HIV virus using peptides containing multiple copies of the virus’ DNA.

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