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Palestinian groups on Facebook are calling for violent uprisings against the citizens of Israel, openly planning a Third Intifada on
May 15th, 2011. Previous intifadas resulted in the deaths of
thousands of innocent civilians through suicide bombings and other horrific acts of terror. They are aggressively pursuing their goal of reaching one million supporters. Join OUR Million Voices for Peace.


Dear Facebook,

We are living in very dangerous times. Many Palestinian groups on Facebook are openly calling for another terror war against Israel that will lead to unnecessary suffering and deaths on both sides. In light of the recent Facebook-powered revolutions that have swept the Arab world and the horrific, barbaric slaughtering of an innocent Israeli family, including 3 young children, these threats must be taken very seriously.

We therefore appeal to Facebook to remove all groups that promote hatred, violence and death of innocent Israeli citizens. Social media is a wonderful, powerful tool that should be used to promote world peace and unity, not violence and war.

We affirm that Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, has extended its hand in peace and welcomes dialogue with Palestinians. Please recognize that dialogue and negotiation is the only path toward lasting peace, security and prosperity for all peoples.


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I urge Facebook remove all groups
that promote violence, hatred and murder
of innocent civilians.

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