Companies with over 100 workers are required to hire disabled employees to fill at least 3% of positions; Taiwan’s Quanta Computer is to manufacture AR headsets with the Israeli- developed Lumus technology; Israel is to abolish customs and purchase taxes on a wide range of products, and much more. ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Growing his leg... Read more »

Ghadir Kamal Meriach from the Israeli-Druze-Arab village of Daliat al-Carmel made history as the first woman from Israel’s Druze community to present the news on Israeli TV.

Positive results for “wonder” cancer treatment; the Yad Sarah organization will provide distress transmitters to all elderly hospital patients living in geriatric nursing institution; the partners of the Leviathan natural gas reservoir have announced that they will invest $3.75 billion in its development, and much more. ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Positive results for ‘wonder’ cancer treatment I... Read more »

Preventing kidney failure; Women in science; Speeding up on-line shopping; and much more! by: Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Sniffing out cancer Israel’s SpotitEarly (see here previously) has just reported a 93% success rate in its study using a combination of dogs, sensors, and AI software to detect and identify breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer.... Read more »

Targeting bone marrow to destroy tumors; Israel Innovation Fund beautifies urban centers; jobs during and after IDF service, and much more! By Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Targeting bone marrow to destroy tumors Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered that breast cancer tumors boost their growth by recruiting stromal cells that originate in... Read more »