: The following story conveys the harsh reality that Israel deals with in trying to achieve peace. While Arabs can travel freely throughout Israel and feel no threat of harm, Jews can not enter many Arab areas, in Israel, lest they be put in mortal danger, such as the man in the following story.

But with all of the evil and hate that exists in the Arab public towards the Jews, thankfully there are Arabs with compassion and love. It gives us hope for the day when there will be true peace in Israel.

The other day a man made a wrong turn in Jerusalem and entered an Arab area. As he turned onto the Arab street, a young boy called out that a Jew had approached and a throng of people assembled and starting throwing rocks at the Jew’s car. The man thought his life was over. Thank God, he was saved by the Mukhtar’s family, who took him out of his car, into their house and escaped with him to an side street where a police car whisked him away to safety.

This man owes his life to the Mukhtar, and his family, who placed their own lives in danger by saving the Jewish Israeli.

It is sad that this occurrence takes place in the year 2011 in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, yet this is a reality that Israelis lives with each and every day.

We pray for peace and educate our own for peace, but that same thing is still not reciprocated by the Arabs.

In the meantime, we thank G-d for those righteous Arabs, who stand up for love and justice, even though it endangers their own lives.

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