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The IDF is made up of numerous units that specialize in a broad range of challenges and the “Celestial Crows” are no different.

Over the years, many mystical and magical properties have been tied to crows. Over the past few years, the bird has received yet another attribution – as the international symbol of attacks that happen under the radar – Electronic Warfare.

The IDF’s “Crow” units might be scattered all over the country, but there is only one that operates in the air – the “Celestial Crows.”

The unit’s personnel recently held a wide scale, intensive training exercise in Israel’s skies. The exercise simulated combat in the modern battlefield, which is full of aerial threats and operational challenges that they are expected to encounter in Israel’s next war.

The “Celestial Crows” Unit’s main mission is to help Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft evade enemy detection systems, such as radar, on their way to executing a mission, so almost every operational mission performed by IAF aircraft is escorted by the unit’s EW operators.

In the exercise, that simulated combat against Lebanon, all of the aerial platforms on which the unit performs its mission, such as the “Karnaf” (Hercules C-130) and the “Yas’ur” (CH-53), participated in the exercise.

“In the exercise, we tested our collaborative abilities with all of the other elements in the helicopter while we operate”, explained Sgt. Ofer, who operates EW systems hosted on the helicopter. “During the flight, we are required to optimally divide our attention in order to perform our mission efficiently. There are a number of elements talking to us at the same time, like the aircrew sitting in the cockpit, and other EW Operators in other flight platforms next to us”.

By: Israel Air Force