Exclusivity has a new name! A new and dynamic gourmet food company called Taste from Israel is supporting Israel by offering exclusive kosher gourmet food products emanating from the Holy Land.

Imagine over a century ago in the holy city of Jerusalem… A young woman came up with a cookie recipe — no doubt through Divine inspiration — which had the local population each morning waiting with bated breath for just a whiff of the intoxicating aromas seeping through the cracks in the stone walls of her kitchen.

Imagine that these cookies were this young woman’s way of paying tribute to the Land of Israel using the freshly picked figs and dates from trees in her courtyard as well as raisins from grapes picked directly off the vines in a local vineyard. How special to be able to use ingredients from the Seven Species of Israel elevating an ordinary culinary experience to greater and deeper meaning. This scenario surely happened quite frequently and through Taste from Israel your imagination can now be brought to life reliving this experience.

When asked what makes Taste from Israel unique, Michael Rappaport, COO of the company, explained that “while consumers have access to products from one end of the world to the other, Taste from Israel offers products on an exclusive level that cannot be gotten anywhere, or from anyone else.”

Taste From Israel has launched their new website offering one of the most popular gift items for the soon approaching holiday season. They are selling holiday cookie gift tins with delicious, kosher-certified cookies made from recipes dating back a century and with ingredients from Israel. They are very proud to offer, among other classic flavors, the Seven Species cookie assortment using grapes, figs, and dates from the Holy Land.

Taste from Israel’s goal is to not only provide an extraordinary culinary experience, but to have the consumer be able to connect to the Holy Land through these cookies.

When asked how these cookie tins would arrive in a timely fashion and with a fresh product if being shipped from Israel, Mr. Rappaport explained that “while the ingredients are from the Holy Land, the production and distribution is happening in the United States to insure timely delivery of fresh baked cookies.”

Additionally, the company will proudly be donating a portion of the proceeds to United with Israel to insure that each tin sold is imbued with special meaning above even the special taste. “Our company is proud to support the People, Country and Land of Israel”, said Rappaport. “Our customers are helping Israel with every delicious bite.”

EXCITING UPDATE: The launch of Taste From Israel is off to a robust start. According to Michael Rappaport, COO of this start-up, “initial sales have far exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds”. According to Mr. Rappaport he has been inundated with request to expand the baked good offerings to include muffins, brownies, and the like and is in the middle of negotiations with kosher retail stores to begin offering these gourmet cookies in their fresh baked section. Additionally, Mr. Rappaport has revealed that they are also working on a frozen cookie dough product to offer to the consumer for bake-off at home to be available for purchase in the frozen section of your local supermarket. He is encouraging the public to get their holiday gift tin orders as soon as possible to insure timely delivery.

Taste from Israel’s cookies are produced in a STAR-K certified kosher facility.

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