On the 10 May 2012, The South African Minister of Trade and Industry proposed legislation that unfairly singles out Israel.

We need all of you to respond by showing him that we wont accept legislation that unfairly singles out Israel, and that Israel has many faithful friends in South Africa and around the World.


This legislation, GG notice 379 of 2012 states that traders in South Africa must label products originating from Israel to be labelled from the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). It places the responsibility for identifying the products on the shoulders of the vendor.

When faced with the practical difficulties of tracing the origins of the goods, vendors will avoid importing products from Israel. The hidden agenda is a boycott against Israel to bring about its ultimate destruction.

You can make a difference, Israel needs your help!

Click Here to support Israel by sending a message directly to Ntutuzelo Vananda, Deputy Director of Consumer Law and Policy in South Africa.

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