The Israeli Air Force has been targeting terrorists who have fired over 40 rockets into southern Israel in the last month.  They struck a terror cell which was on the way to a launching site to fire a missile into Israel – killing on and seriously injuring the second.  In a separate strike, Israel killed the Palestinian leader of an al-Qaida-affiliated group in the Gaza Strip.   Hisham Al-Saedni, also known as Abu Al-Waleed Al-Maqdissi, headed the Jihadist Salafi group Tawhid and Jihad (“One God and Holy War”).  Sources have said that Saedni joined al-Qaida in Iraq at the beginning of the US-led invasion in 2003.   An IDF source reported that this cell was involved in past terrorist attacks on Israel, and was in the last stages of preparing another attack.

One of the missile attacks on Israel exploded in the backyard of a family home in Netivot.   Shrapnel from the rocket flew into the home and pierced the walls of a child’s bedroom.  Thankfully, the child was not in the room and only one civilian was hospitalized for shock.

The IDF spokesman reacted by asking: “What if the child would have been there ?”

The air force has also targeted a terrorist center in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, a training camp belonging to Hamas’s Izzadin Kassam armed wing, and a terrorist tunnel in northern Gaza in recent days.

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