: Dear Israel,

I saw the open letter that was posted on facebook from Bianca and my heart told me to do so as well. I agree with all that she has said (https://unitedwithisrael.org/dear-israel-letter/) . I am not Jewish… but I love your country with all of my heart. I pray for your nation and people often, that God will protect you and bring much deserved peace and healing to your land. As God’s chosen people you have a unique destiny and I will forever defend you, love you and pray for you.

Please do not take to heart what the media might say, as I know that there are many many Americans that care about you and your nation and will do everything possible to insure that our relationship never waivers or changes. Israelis the one and only true light in the Middle East and it is my hope that my country will always be there for Israel as you face many challenges and joys.

Thank you for standing with America in difficult times and find comfort knowing that the majority of Americans support Israel and your right to exist and to defend yourselves from those that wish you harm. With God behind you, how can Israel be anything but a light of hope and blessings to this world?

Stay strong in what you stand for and please remember the prayers of this nation so far away in distance but yet close in our hearts.

May God continue to richly bless the Nation of Israel,

Kim Hayes
Tucson, Arizona
United States of America

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