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Israeli model Arbel Kynan says she was banned from the prestigious Haute Couture Paris fashion show because she is Israeli.

By United with Israel Staff

Top Israeli model Arbel Kynan says she faced anti-Semitism when banned from a fashion show in Paris due to her nationality following complaints by an unnamed Lebanese designer. The model shared the story Tuesday on Instagram.

Saying it was hard to digest, Kynan wrote in Hebrew to her nearly 30,000 followers, “A few days ago I arrived in Paris to be photographed at a very reputable fashion company that is also taking part in the Haute Couture Fashion Week. Even before I arrived in Paris, they said they would be happy for me to take part in the show as well.”

Walking the Haute Couture runway is a coveted job in the modeling world. The show starts January 20.

She said that she arrived for the photo shoot full of “fiery energy” as it is her “pleasure” to work as a model, and that the photo shoot went very well.

During routine conversation with other models, “they asked me where I was from, and, of course, I answered with a big smile that I was from Tel Aviv,” Kynan wrote. “A few days passed…and just an hour ago I received an email from my agency stating that the client is Lebanese and he does not want me to take part in the show because I live in Tel Aviv, Israel – this is the content of the email I received.”

The model has not yet revealed the name of the alleged anti-Semite. However, though there are four Lebanese designers participating in this year’s Haute Couture Week, one had faced outrage from his native country for posting a photo of Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot wearing his design.

The Jerusalem Post reported that two years ago, designer Elie Saab posted on Instagram a photo of Gadot wearing one of his dresses to the National Board of Review Awards in New York. Though Saab praised the image as “flawless,” it drew outrage in Lebanon.

“I love and respect Elie Saab, but is he really happy an Israeli actress wore a dress he designed?” tweeted Lebanese journalist Heba Bitar at the time..

Others emphasized that the blockbuster Wonder Woman movies, starring Gadot, have been banned in many Arab countries because the actress is an Israeli Defense Forces veteran .

Due to the backlash, Saab deleted his post.

Kynan ended her Instagram post by saying, “At the end of the day, we are all human, no matter what our origin, race, skin color or whatever. Be human! This is the most important!”

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