A distressing video has been circulating around social media sites showing a gang of Arabs in Jerusalem publicly humiliating two religious Jewish men in Jerusalem solely based on the two men’s ethnic origins and religious convictions. In the video, the Arab gang chased, kicked, taunted, and violently pummeled the two men with snowballs all the while laughing. At one point, one of the Jewish men in the video slips on the ice and falls to the ground as he is being chased after by a gang of some 20 young Arabs.

This unfortunate event occurred around the Shechem Gate, at the entrance to the Old City in Jerusalem. Since the video started circulating last Saturday night, it is believed that the two religious Jewish men were returning home from the Kotel or Western Wall on the Jewish Sabbath. Some commentators have noted this events’ uncanny resemblance to behavior that Nazis would do to Jews during the Holocaust. Back then, it was common for the Nazis to perform humiliating rituals against Jews, such as shaving off the men’s hair (which should never be cut for religious reasons) or forcing the Jews to scrub the streets with toothbrushes, while all the while laughing at how these Jews suffered.

In recent times, Arab attacks against Jews have gotten bolder. Last week in Yitzhar, hundreds of Arabs took advantage of the snow in order to riot against Jews. It started out with some 200 Arabs marching in the direction of Yitzhar. When security tried to stop them, they protested that they just wanted to have fun in the snow. Yet as they got closer, it turned out that they had rocks in their hands and they started throwing them at security guards. This group of Palestinians attempted to break into the homes of the residents of Yitzhar. Fortunately, the IDF was able to repel the attack.

In other instances, Palestinians have been taking advantage of the fact that Jews need to drive slower in Judea and Samaria because of the snow in order to step up their rock attacks against vehicles. Several cases of rock throwing were reported around the Hebron Hills and on the road between Peduel and Eli in central Samaria. Also, not too long ago Israeli security forces arrested five Arab men who threw a rock at a 60-year-old female driver in Betar Illit. The unfortunate Jewish woman suffered serious neck and head wounds.

By Rachel Avraham