Remove Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur: The Holiest – and Happiest – Day of the Year!

Yom Kippur is a day of opportunity, potential, greatness, forgiveness, and intimacy with the Creator. It is the day when we start our lives anew.

Remove anti-Israel protest

‘Deeply Alarming’: University May Require Applicants to Take Antisemitic Ethnic Studies Course

Some of the leading academics pushing for mandatory ethnics studies courses are ardent anti-Zionists.

Remove Praying at the Kotel

How to Get Your Prayers Answered on Yom Kippur!

What can you do to get your prayers answered on Yom Kippur? Here's a formula that's sure to help!


WATCH: IDF Cantor and Choir Chant Yom Kippur Prayer

The Cantor and choir of the IDF sing the moving prayer recited on Yom Kippur about God determining who will die and who will live in the coming year - with scenes from the Yom Kippur War.

Remove Kapparot

Kapparot: An Ancient, Mystical Atonement Ritual that Survived the Centuries

Using money instead of a chicken to perform Kapparot - a pre-Yom Kippur atonement ritual - is a more attractive, cleaner and less expensive option.

Remove Jenin funeral

WATCH: Is Israel About to Go to War in Judea and Samaria?

Is another major IDF operation against Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank around the corner?

Remove Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas at UN: Palestinians Will ‘Continue our Peaceful Popular Resistance’

Lie after lie: The PA leader blamed Israel for the suffering of the Palestinian people while completely ignoring the incitement and terrorism against Jews and Israelis.

Remove Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Leader Admits Peace with Israel is on its Way

Mohammed bin Salman dismissed reports Riyadh suspended U.S.-led normalization talks.

Remove Yom Kippur video

WATCH: Stirring Musical Rendition of Holy Yom Kippur Prayer

This hauntingly beautiful rendition of a Yom Kippur prayer will put you in the right mood for the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

Remove Riots Gaza border

Hamas Offers Quiet for Open Border Crossings and Qatari Cash

'There is no doubt that the protests that are expanding on the border fence in the Gaza Strip are the result of a decision by Hamas that was made following the reduction in Qatari aid to its government officials.'

Remove ancient quarry

WATCH: Highway Expansion Reveals Hidden Treasures of Judea and Samaria’s Past

Archaeologists uncover ancient quarries and craftsmanship near Jerusalem during highway expansion in Judea and Samaria.

Remove Negev vineyard

Unveiling History in Every Bottle: Israel’s Negev Desert’s Ancient Wine Revival

In the heart of the Negev desert, Israel's ancient wine traditions are revived as two grape varieties thrive in the very soil where they were first cultivated over 1500 years ago.

Remove El Al

Israeli Airline ‘Air Haifa’ Gets Ready to Fly to Regional Destinations

Set to launch sometime in 2024, Air Haifa is the brainchild of former EL AL executives.

Remove Bacteria

Israeli Researchers Develop Method for Safely Detecting Landmines – Using Bacteria

As part of the method, biosensors based on E. coli are dispersed over the target area, where they sniff out the chemical signature of buried explosives and become luminescent.

Remove Drone

2 Terrorists Killed in Damascus-Area Airstrike Attributed to Israel

Arabic-language reports said that the men, members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, were riding a motorcycle when they were targeted by a drone strike.

Remove Ancient flour mill in Tel Dan

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: History, Geopolitics, Magnificent Nature, and More!

'And Ben Haddad listened to king Asa, and he sent the captains of his armies against the cities of Israel, and he struck Ijon and Dan and Abel-Beth Maachah and all Kinereth with all the land of Naftali' (1 Kings 15:20)

Remove Qalandiya checkpoint

Security Guard Injured in Terrorist Ramming Attack at Jerusalem Checkpoint

Initial investigation indicates the terrorist was an Israeli citizen.

Remove Biden Netanyahu

‘We Can Make History’: Netanyahu Meets with Biden in New York

"I think that under your leadership, Mr. President, we can forge a historic peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia," Netanyahu tells Biden.

Remove Optimistic

Living Torah: God Has Great Things in Store for You!

The metaphor of the eagle in this week's Torah portion reminds us that God is our Father and he looks out for our best interests.

Remove Young-Pro-Israel-Activists-at-Rally-in-New-York-880x495

Pro-Israel Rally in NYC Counters Anti-reformists Hounding Netanyahu

'Somebody needs to get the message out that we American Jews support Israel and its democratically elected government.'

Remove Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station

Gazan with Butcher’s Knife Arrested at Tel Aviv Train Station

Separately, the Shin Bet said Hamas was behind a recent attempt to smuggle explosives into Israel.

Remove Israeli flag raised in Azerbaijan

DEFIANCE: Pro-Israel Activists Hoist Israeli Flag in Country Neighboring Iran

IRGC-affiliated channels released this clip of celebrations in the Azeri capital on Wednesday, during which the Israeli flag was also raised, Telegram blogger Abu Ali Express reports.

Remove Tomb of the Patriarchs

WATCH: Jews Pack Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron, Ahead of Yom Kippur

Abraham purchased the cave after the death of his beloved Sarah. He insisted on paying, so that generations that followed could not contest Jewish ownership.

Remove drone

Hamas’ Aerial Drone Fleet Bears Iranian Fingerprints

“Hamas has a number of models that have a very similar appearance to UAVs in the possession of Hezbollah, and in principle one can say that the inspiration for them is Iran.”

Remove Gilad Erdan protest

‘New Moral Stain for the UN’: Israeli Envoy Detained for Protesting Against ‘Butcher of Tehran’

During Raisi's speech, Ambassador Erdan displayed Mahsa Amini's photo, murdered by Iran's morality police, with the message, 'Iranian women deserve freedom now!'

Remove Netanyahu

Netanyahu: ‘What’s Good for Europe is Good for Israel’: Law Approved to Open Israeli Market to European Products

"This is the exact opposite of what we have now in which everything is prohibited except that which is permitted. From now on everything will be permitted except that which is prohibited," Prime Minister Netanyahu says.

Remove IDF disabled vets win 4 medals at 1st Invictus games

WATCH: Disabled IDF Veterans Shine at International Sports Competition

The IDF disabled veterans made their mark at the games by clinching an impressive total of four medals.

Remove Jenin raid

Jenin Refugee Camp is ‘Boiling Over,’ says Israeli Analyst

'We’re in a war. It’s a different type of war, but it’s still a war, a war of attrition,' said analyst Yair Ansbacher.

Remove Joe Biden

Biden Barely Mentions Israel in Address to UN General Assembly

Israel and the Middle East were not a focus, to say the least, during the US president's speech.


colel chabad YK 2023

Remove Attempted terror attack

WATCH: Navigating the Challenges of the Recent Holiday Terror Surge

Yesterday, within a matter of hours, Israeli security forces successfully prevented four terror attacks on IDF posts.

Remove Pope Pius XII

Secrets Revealed: Vatican Letter Exposes Pope Pius XII’s Holocaust Knowledge

The letter raises questions about the Vatican's response to the Holocaust during World War II.

Remove baby born

Israeli Device Offers Solution to Baby’s Stuck Shoulder at Birth

Shoulder dystocia occurs in 1.5 million births each year, often leading to permanent injury. An Israeli OB/GYN’s simple device could be the answer.

Remove antisemitism

‘Unambiguous Victory’: Australian Court Rules in Favor of Jewish Students in Antisemitic Harassment Lawsuit

Federal court rules that Brighton Secondary College violated laws prohibiting racial discrimination when it neglected to protect Jewish students from antisemitic bullying.

Remove IDF forces

IDF Maps Homes of Terrorists Involved in Eli Shooting

The three suspects, residents of Urif, south of Nablus, were “partners in the planning and execution of the attack" near Eli on June 20 that left four Israelis dead and four more wounded.

Remove Netanyahu and Elon Musk

Netanyahu Discusses ‘the Blessing and Curse’ of AI with Elon Musk

"It took us maybe a century to adapt to the industrial revolution. We may have just about a few years to adapt to the AI revolution, and I'm not sure we are - certainly not in curbing the curses," Israeli Prime Minister says.

Remove Cyber warfare

Health Ministry Reports Suspected Cyberattack on Jerusalem Mental Health Center

The ministry says Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center has switched to manual procedures following attack.

Remove archaeology

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Stone Workshop outside Jerusalem

Experts say the workshop, discovered north of the capital, dates back to the Second Temple period.

Remove Israeli soldiers stand guard at Rantis Checkpoint, in the West Bank, April 23, 2023. Photo by Jonathan Shaul/Flash90

WATCH: Exploring the Crucial Role of Checkpoints

While they may appear contentious, they serve as a crucial security measure aimed at preventing attacks and protecting both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

Remove Ruins of ancient city Jericho in Israel

UNESCO’s Distortion of History: Betraying Heritage in Jericho

UNESCO's politicization and historical distortion in the contentious recognition of Ancient Jericho as a Palestinian World Heritage site must be called out.

Remove Ein haniya

The Pools of Ein Haniya: A Hidden Treasure of the Jerusalem Hills

Embark on a captivating journey to unlock the secrets of the hidden pools of Ein Haniya, nestled in the picturesque Jerusalem hills.

Remove Israel USA

John Steinbeck and the Fall and Rise of Israel’s ‘Mount Hope’ – opinion

How a 19th century massacre of Americans in Israel shaped a writer and changed two nations.

Remove Mahmoud Abbas

The Guardian Prints Dubious Anti-Abbas Letter with Israel Libel

Unable to simply unequivocally denounce Abbas’ repugnant speech, the 96 signatories also used the letter to attack so-called “Israeli settler colonialism” and to spread the well-worn apartheid libel.

Remove Chef's hat

Israeli Soldier with Down’s Syndrome Swapping Army Uniform for Chef’s Hat

After fulfilling her dream of becoming a soldier in the IDF, Ortal is now setting her sights on her next dream.

Remove Ruins of ancient city Jericho in Israel

Jewish History under Attack: UNESCO Designates Jericho Ruins as World Heritage Site in ‘Palestine’

Ancient ruins include Hasmonean Winter Palaces, King Herod’s Third Palace, a Byzantine-era synagogue dating back to the 6th or 7th Century CE, ritual baths, and nearby burial caves used by Jewish priests.

Remove benjamin sara netanyahu

Netanyahu Departs for Diplomatic Visit to US, Plans to Meet with Figures Including Musk, Erdogan

Israeli prime minister is to first visit California, where he will meet with Elon Musk, ahead of UN General Assembly.

Remove Palestinian terrorists

HIGH HOLY DAY TERROR: Stabbing, Shooting, Rock-throwing Attacks Greet Israelis in New Year

The IDF reported a host of terror activity in the Judea and Samaria region over the past day.

Remove Anti-Israel Protesters

‘Are Most Jews Evil?’: Top US University Hosting ‘Palestine Literature Festival’ Featuring Avid Anti-Zionists

Event to be held at University of Pennsylvania is to feature a gamut of anti-Zionist activists who have promoted antisemitic tropes and called for violence against Israel.

Remove library books

A Peek into the New National Library of Israel

The new library has a distinctive curved roof shaped like an open book, 11-story structure—with six floors above ground and five below, and opens in late October.

Remove Rosh Hashana

The Most Frightening Rosh Hashana Prayer

One of the highlights of the Rosh Hashana morning service is the recitation of the “U’netaneh Tokef” prayer.

Remove Gaza terrorists, riots

Explosive Backfire: Gaza Fence Attack Takes an Unexpected Turn

During a violent riot, terrorists attempted to harm Israelis by placing an explosive device on the Gaza security fence, but their actions took an unexpected turn.

Remove Rosh Hashana

WATCH: Explore Different Rosh Hashana Traditions!

Learn about Israelis' beloved Rosh Hashanah traditions and discover the diverse and meaningful ways in which individuals celebrate this important holiday.

Remove New IDF Naval Officers

Safeguarding Israel’s Seas: Graduating Naval Officers Share Their Stories

Meet newly minted naval officers who are ready to safeguard Israel's maritime borders and enhance national security.

Remove Israeli soccer ball

Israel Beats Belarus to Stay in Running for 2024 UEFA European Football Championship

The goal was scored during extra time in the second half of the game at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv.

Remove United Nations

High-Level Israeli Delegation Readies to Join Netanyahu at UN

Israeli Prime Minister is to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the General Assembly’s opening session.

Remove Antony Blinken

Blinken Says Israel-Saudi Deal ‘Cannot be a Substitute’ for Two-State Solution

The top U.S. diplomat said that for Riyadh, too, progress on the Palestinian issue was necessary for the normalization process to move forward.

Remove Seized drugs

1.5 Million Shekels Worth of Drugs, Rifle Barrel Confiscated During Knesset Committee Tour

The items were discovered as the Special Committee for Combatting Drug and Alcohol Abuse conducted a tour at the Israel Tax Authority's narcotics unit.

Remove PM Netanyahu at PMO Rosh Hashanah Toast

Netanyahu Points to ‘Great Challenges and Great Opportunities’ During Annual Pre-Rosh Hashanah Toast

Prime Minister discusses Iran threat and Abraham Accords during traditional toast at the Prime Minister's Office ahead of the Jewish new year.


How Praying for Others Invites Blessings into Our Lives

On Rosh Hashana, we are reminded that prioritizing the needs of others is a powerful way to emulate God's ways!


The Special Foods of Rosh Hashana (Yummy!)

In addition to its religious dimension, Rosh Hashana represents a rich cultural experience. Families cook a variety of aromatic foods to be served over two days of feasting in celebration of the Jewish New Year.

Remove Ancient Steps Found in Jerusalem

Unearthing History: Ancient Steps at Jerusalem’s Pool of Siloam

Recently, archaeologists uncovered ancient steps at the renowned pool of Siloam in Jerusalem, providing a crucial glimpse into the past.

Remove Selichot, Western Wall

Get Inspired: Moving Selichot Prayers Ahead of Rosh Hashana

Watch the moving and uplifting selichot prayers offered at the Western Wall in preparation for this year's Rosh Hashanah.

Remove Reuters anti-Israel bias

Reuters Blames Israel for Oslo Accords Failure, Ignores Palestinian Terrorism

If an alien listened to the piece with the genuine intent of learning something, he’d think the entire problem comes down to "evil Jews" who shattered hopes for peace.

Remove Blowing the Shofar

Shofar Master: The Musician who Plays Shofar in the Concert Hall

Amit Sofer admits to an almost obsessive fascination with playing the ancient instrument, which he says is like walking in the dark.

Remove garlic

Israel Trying to ‘Save’ Local Garlic Farming

The Ministry of Agriculture plans to invest over 3 million Shekels to encourage growers to plant garlic in the in the country.

Remove Hamas Rally

Gaza Terror Groups Mark 18 Years since Disengagement ’Victory’

Palestinian terrorist organizations marked the occasion with military simulations and the launch of rockets out to sea.

Remove Rockets launched from Gaza

Hamas Rocket Lands in Palestinian Area of Samaria

A Hamas aligned terror group called al-Ayash circulated a video it claimed was rocket fired at Moshav Ram On, an agricultural community in northern Israel.

Remove apples and honey

Warm Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year!

The entire United with Israel family wishes you a happy, healthy, sweet New Year!

Remove Map of rail project that will link India to Europe via the Middle East

G20 Summit Unveils India-Europe-Middle East Connectivity Blueprint

Analysts say the project could boost diplomacy and prosperity in the region, helping Israel become a major trade and innovation hub.

Remove Meat in a lab

Israeli Startup’s Lab-Grown ‘Chicken’ Gets Certified by Largest US Kosher Agency

“The OU is pleased to provide certification to a product that meets kosher standards, while also leading innovation in food technology,” says CEO of OU Kosher.

Remove Cynthia McKinney

‘Jews Are The Problem’: Former US Congresswoman Promotes Antisemitic-Black Nationalist Crossover Event

Promotional image of the event showed the question “Can Black people and White people work together to defeat our common enemy?” written above a large Star of David.

Remove Joe Biden

Biden Admin Paves the Way for Iran Deal Worth $6 billion

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has authorized sanctions waivers allowing banks to unfreeze the Iranian funds.

Remove Baku, Azerbaijan

Knesset Members Visit Azerbaijan, Muslim Country Bordering Iran

The MKs thanked their hosts for supporting Israel and for the warm treatment of the Azeri Jewish community.


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Remove Netanyahu

‘We’re Two of the Like-Minded, Smart Countries,’ Netanyahu Tells Visiting British Foreign Secretary

The two discussed Iran and bilateral cooperation in security, technology and economic fields - "especially in artificial intelligence."

Remove Israel and Saudi Arabia diplomats agreeing on a deal

Historic Moment: Israel’s First Business Delegation to Saudi Arabia

Learn about the significance of this diplomatic milestone and its potential implications for the ongoing normalization process between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Remove Mitzpe Ramon

WATCH: Unveiling the Secrets of Israel’s ‘Grand Canyon’

The site's dramatic landscapes make it a must-see attraction for those exploring the natural wonders of Israel.

Remove President Joe Biden

Is the Biden Administration Violating US Law to Appease Iran?

How could the Biden administration keep the American people and allies such as Israel in the dark when the Iran's ruling mullahs have made it clear that a top priority is to attack the US and eradicate the Jewish state?

Remove World Trade Center

Netanyahu on 9/11 Anniversary: ‘We Stand with the US against Terror’

The U.S. embassy in Jerusalem is marking the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks with an event at the 9/11 Living Memorial Monument.

Remove Hamas

Entertainment Website Calls Hamas ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Terror-Glorifying Piece interview also called Gilad Shalit an "Israeli occupation soldier," characterized terrorists imprisoned for brutal murders as "political prisoners."

Remove Israel-Morocco

Israeli Emergency Team on the Ground in Quake-Stricken Morocco

At least 2,122 people were reportedly killed and 2,421 injured by the temblor.

Remove Mossad chief David Barnea

Mossad Director Threatens to Exact Price from Iran ‘in the Heart of Tehran’

"Any harm done to any Israeli or Jew in any way whatsoever, via proxy or Iranian alike, will elicit a response against the Iranians who dispatched the terrorists and the policymakers who authorized the terror units."

Remove Israeli forces

Israeli Forces Arrest Six Terrorists During Operations in Judea and Samaria

During operations in the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, armed men fired shots and threw stones and explosives at the forces, who responded with riot dispersal measures and with gunfire.


Good News Archive: September 10, 2023

Using music to test for dementia; Natural gas revenues soar; ItsMine is a Cool Vendor; and much more!   by: Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Once-a-day injection to treat Parkinson’s Israel’s Pharma Two B (see here previously) is presenting the full results of its Phase 3 trial of its once-a-day injection of its P2B001 treatment for... Read more »

Remove Yom Kippur War

50 Years On: Israel’s Yom Kippur War Archives Unveiled to the Public

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli government has released an extensive collection of historical archives for public access, allowing people to explore this crucial period in Israel's history.

Remove Vegan Israel falafel

WATCH: Why Tel Aviv is the Ultimate Destination for Vegan Foodies

Tel Aviv, the vegan capital of the world, is a must-visit for those seeking diverse plant-based cuisine in Israel.

Remove shayetet 13 commandos

Israeli and US Navy SEALs Dive into Startup World Together

Version Bravo business accelerator for operational veterans of these two elite naval units builds on their mutual affinity and skillsets.

Remove Morocco Israel flag

Israel Gears Up to Send Aid to Quake-Stricken Morocco

An earthquake killed at more than 1,000 in the North African country.

Remove Israeli soccer ball

Argentinian National Soccer Teams to Come to Israel for Exhibition Games

Netanyahu meets with South American Football Confederation President and FIFA Vice President in Jerusalem.

Remove Benjamin Netanyahu

‘Largest Cooperation Project in Israel’s History’: Netanyahu Hails Israel’s Involvement in ‘India – Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor’

Biden National Security Adviser explained that "a corridor of this kind by dint of geography works best having Israel in as opposed to out and the countries participating prioritized that.”

Remove Budapest

Budapest Synagogue Rises from the Ashes Amid Hungarian Jewish Renaissance

Reopened synagogues give Hungary's Jews a chance to connect to their Jewishness, says Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Köves.

Remove Cyber

Hackers Publish Israeli Hospital’s Records after Cyberattack

The “Ragnar Locker” group followed through on a threat to release the sensitive information gathered in the cyberattack on Israel’s Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center.

Remove Ben Gurion Airport security

Palestinian Group Leader ‘Takes Advantage’ of US Visa Waiver Trial Period

Osama Abuirshaid, head of American Muslims for Palestine, continues to push for Israel to be blocked from entry into the program.

Remove Harvard

Anti-Israel Activist Heckles Harvard Dean during Welcome Ceremony

"Harvard supports, upholds, and invests in Israeli apartheid, and the oppression of Palestinians,” undergraduate senior shouts at dean during convocation ceremony.

Remove Netanyahu with NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană

‘Eager to Further Cooperation’: Netanyahu Meets with NATO Official

“I’m here to mark a new beginning in a very robust partnership between NATO and the State of Israel,” said Mircea Geoană.


LIVING TORAH: Never Give up Hope, You are Still Standing!

There are repercussions for our actions. But to lose hope? To despair? To walk away? Never! We can never let that happen.

Remove Torah

Living Torah: When Abomination Becomes the Norm (and it Gets Much Worse)

Sin is a slippery slope. Eventually a person rationalizes that which had originally been unthinkable. 

Remove Leviathan gas field

Fueling Europe’s Future? Israel’s Strategic Gas Deal Ambitions

Israel might be able to solidify a gas deal that could have far-reaching implications for regional and global energy markets.

Remove Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Netanyahu

The Rising Alliance: Israel and Azerbaijan’s Thriving Relationship

The flourishing Israel-Azerbaijan relationship, rapidly strengthening since the Tel Aviv embassy opening, highlights their growing cooperation on various fronts.

Remove Israel UAE

Israeli Heritage Minister Makes Official Visit to UAE

Amichai Eliyahu is the second Israeli minister to visit the UAE since the country's current government was sworn in.

Remove Mahmoud Abbas

‘Not about Antisemitism’: PA Chairman Abbas Claims Hitler ‘Fought’ the Jews Because ‘They Dealt with Usury’

Abbas says Hitler and the Europeans did not kill the Jews "because they were Jews," but rather they fought the Jews because of "their social role."

Remove Morocco Israel flag

Moroccan Parliamentary Leader Postpones Visit to Knesset, Citing Medical Emergency

Knesset and the House of Councillors of Morocco agreed that meeting would be rescheduled.

Remove Arab rioters

Jewish Residents Describe Harsh Reality of Arab Violence in Central Israeli City of Ramla

MKs hold discussion amid escalation of shooting incidents in the city. "There are people there who are doing everything to make the lives of the Jewish residents of Ramla miserable."

Remove Judean Desert

Legal Borders of 3 Judean ‘Outposts’ Approved by Israel, Slammed by US

Two of the new towns, Avigayil and Asael, are located in the South Hebron Hills, while the third, Beit Hogla, is near the Dead Sea.

Remove Airplane

Kazakhstan Launches Direct Flights to Israel

The new flight is scheduled to operate twice weekly, on Thursdays and Sundays.

Remove Bahraini visitors to Israel

Israel Seeks to Finalize Important Trade Deal with Bahrain

Israeli FM Eli Cohen paid his first official visit to Bahrain, which normalized ties with Israel as part of the Abraham Accords.

Remove apples and honey

WEBINAR: Parshat Nitzavim, Rosh Hashana Prep & More!

In this webinar, Rabbi Ari Enkin discusses the Torah portion of "Netzavim" (Deuteronomy 29:9–30:20) and offers some Rosh Hashana teachings.

Remove Jerusalem Stabbing Attack

Distorted Reality: Anti-Israel Media’s Portrayal of the Jerusalem Stabbing

The Times of Gaza's coverage of an attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem omitted the actual incident, framing the Israeli police officer's response as a brutal assault on a young Palestinian woman.

Remove IDF, Jenin

WATCH: Israeli Forces Return to Jenin

The repeated military operations in Jenin underscore Israel's unwavering commitment to safeguarding the security of its citizens, leaving no room for chance.


WATCH: Jamie Geller Speaks Out for Lone Israeli Soldiers

Many people love Israel, but David decided to give his life for the Jewish people. At the ripe old age of 18, he came to by himself to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Remove anti-Israel protest

Israelophobia: The Newest Form of the Oldest Hatred

Is there really a distinction between hating Jews and hating Israel? By Melanie Phillips, FrontPage Magazine Antisemitism is a rotten term for the “longest hatred” that targets the Jewish people. For a start, there is no such thing as “semitism” to be “anti.” The word “antisemitism” was invented by a 19th-century Jew-hater, Wilhelm Marr, who... Read more »

Remove Scene of the attack

Hundreds Gather for Funeral of IDF Lone-Soldier Terror Victim

Sgt. Maksym Molchanov made aliyah from Ukraine in 2017.

Remove Jenin raid

Palestinian Arrested in Jenin Camp Belonged to Fatah-Aligned Terror Group

The suspect, linked to a number of shooting attacks in Judea and Samaria, was handed over to the Shin Bet for questioning.

Remove Ein Gedi

1,900 Year-Old Roman-Era Swords from the Jewish Revolt Unveiled

The cache of four swords and a shafted javelin-like weapon called a pilum was found in a crevice in a cave in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve near the Dead Sea.

Remove Papa New Guinea embassy dedication in Jerusalem

Papa New Guinea Dedicates Embassy in Jerusalem

"Papua New Guinea is a big country with big opportunities. And I think that the fact that you have an embassy here will enable us to realize all these potentials," says Netanyahu.

Remove Palestinians make land demands

Netanyahu Hosts Irish Deputy PM, Calls for ‘Balanced Approach’ Toward Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Prime Minister Netanyahu also said the two countries should cooperate in order to ensure their lead in technology, especially artificial intelligence.

Remove Dead Sea

WATCH: The Dead Sea As You’ve Never Seen it Before

The Dead Sea is famous so many great things including being the place where King David sought refuge and its use as a health resort by King Herod.


meir panim RH 2023

Remove “Tatami” film

Filming in the Shadows: The Israeli-Iranian Undercover Movie

Black and white cinematography symbolizes their yearning for freedom amid political tensions and human connections between Israelis and Iranians.

Remove Israel flag football team

EPIC WIN: Israeli Flag Football Team Triumphs at European Championship

Their outstanding performance has not only made their nation proud but has also solidified their status as rising stars in the world of flag football.

Remove Eritrean asylum seekers rioting in Tel Aviv

While Media Focused on Israel, Eritrean Migrants Riots were Happening Around the World

The same riots in Canada, the UK, Germany, and Sweden are covered very differently than in Israel.


Meir Panim’s Mission is Nourishing Needy Israelis with Dignity

Meir Panim is making a bold move to tackle Israel's rising hunger crisis. Discover how they're changing the game this High Holiday season!

Remove IDF soldiers

Arab Israelis Arrested for Smuggling Explosives and Weapons from Jordan

The suspects also told interrogators details about terror attacks being planned.

Remove Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (left) and former U.S. Ambassador to Israel in Judea and Samaria.

Pompeo and Friedman Guide Viewers Through Israel’s ‘Biblical Highway’ in New Documentary

Former top US diplomats team up to produce “Route 60: Israel’s Biblical Highway,” in which they trek down the road that runs through the center of modern Israel.

Remove Electricity line

Israel Aims to Recoup 2 Billion Shekel Electricity Debt from Palestinians

The move is permitted under a law enacted following the Oslo Accords allowing Israel to deduct funds destined for the P.A. to offset its debts.

Remove Tbilisi, Georgia

‘Our Countries Share a Robust Friendship’: Israeli Knesset Speaker Meets with Georgian Officials in Tbilisi

Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana warns that “Iranian forces that destabilize our region adversely impact the security of both Israel and Georgia."

Remove Netanyahu with leaders of Cyprus and Greece

‘May the Best Yogurt Win’: Netanyahu’s Touts Warm Meeting with Greek and Cypriot Leaders

Israeli prime minister says discussions centered on three main areas, all which have to do with energy: gas, electricity, and fire.


Good News Archive: September 3, 2023

Re-educate your muscles; Tax benefits for investors; New immigrants dance at the airport; and much more! by: Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS Whole genome cancer detection It wasn’t long ago since the genome was fully decoded. Now, Israel’s C2i Genomics (see here previously) has teamed up with Tel Aviv’s Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center take blood test... Read more »

Remove Biden, Saudi Arabia

US Officials Visit Saudi Arabia at the Same Time as Palestinian Delegation

A high-level U.S. delegation's visit to Saudi Arabia this week coincides with a Palestinian delegation's presence in Riyadh.

Remove Money

Bank Employees Stunned when Yeshiva Student Returns Extra Money Handed to Him by Mistake

Yeshiva student had withdrawn $5,000, but, upon returning home and counting the bills, found he had been given $6,000.

Remove Hurricane

Israeli Aid Group Powers Hurricane Idalia First Responders

Disaster relief organization provides critical electricity, Internet and communication support to first responders in Florida.

Remove Joshua's Altar

PA Building Neighborhood on Joshua’s Altar Site

A construction vehicle was confiscated after an inspector found that the Palestinian Authority had begun paving roads on the ruins of the historic site.

Remove Israel Cyprus Greece

Netanyahu Envisions Fiber Optics Linking Asia, Middle East, and Europe During Visit to Cyprus

"I'm quite confident that we will have a corridor that could go through Israel, from the Arabian Peninsula, from Asia to the Arabian Peninsula to Israel to Cyprus, and from there to Europe."

Remove Israeli fighter jet

Israel to Procure 25 More F-35 Fighter Jets for $3 Billion

At the completion of the deal, Israel would have 75 of the advanced jets to make up three squadrons.


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Remove African American Imams

A Message of Peace: African-American Imams in the Holy Land

A special delegation of African-American imams journeyed to the Holy Land via the Sharaka NGO, aiming to convey a message of peace.

Remove Caves of Maresha

WATCH: Israeli Caves Provide Visitors with Mesmerizing 2200-year-old Journey

The enchanting Caves of Maresha transport visitors on a mesmerizing journey 2,200 years into the past.

Remove Nahal,Hermon,Nature,Reserve,(banias),-,The,Largest,,Most,Powerful

WATCH: The Hidden Gem in Northern Israel – Where Nature and History Converge

The remarkable combination of natural splendor and historical significance makes the Banyas a must-visit destination for those seeking adventure and a glimpse into the past.

Remove US and Israeli Flags

Netanyahu Meets Delegation of Democrats from US Congress – What Did He Tell Them?

"I think the support that we have received from you for the State of Israel is vitally important," Israeli tells members of AIPAC-organized delegation.

Remove Netanyahu

‘A Red Line was Crossed’: Netanyahu says Government Seeks ‘Immediate Expulsion’ of Those Involved in Tel Aviv Riot

"This disturbance, the bloodshed, these are things that we cannot tolerate," Israeli prime minister says during discussion on riot that broke out between rival factions of Eritrean asylum seekers.

Remove classroom

Using Failure as a Launchpad: Israeli Educators Innovate ‘Mistake-Based Learning’

New teaching method encourages pupils to acknowledge, analyze and learn from mistakes in class.

Remove Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah

Nasrallah Hosts Palestinian Terror Chiefs in Beirut

The Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders agreed on "the importance of daily and permanent coordination and communication."

Remove Morocco Israel flag

Moroccan Parliamentary Leader to Pay Historic Visit to Israel

“This is a precedent visit that testifies to the new era created in Israel-Morocco relations,” says Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana.

Remove Eritrean asylum seekers rioting in Tel Aviv

Israel Mulls Response After Riot of Rival Eritrean Factions in Tel Aviv Leaves 170 Injured

Protest by Eritrean asylum seekers turned violent, leaving 49 police officers wounded.

Remove Tamar Gas Field

Israel Sees Big Rise in Natural Gas Revenue

Israel’s Energy and Infrastructure Ministry received more than 1 billion shekels ($263 million) in natural gas royalties in the first half of 2023.

Remove First Fruits

ISRAEL’S FIRST FRUITS: Wealthy or Poor, it’s Not About ‘Privilege’

Sensitivity and care for the less privileged is clearly demonstrated in this week's Torah reading, which also underscores the message that G-d appreciates our efforts in performing His commandments.

Remove Israel and Saudi Arabia Relations

Saudi Hospitality? Israeli Passenger Recalls Emergency Landing in Saudi Arabia and Overnight Hotel Stay

For the first time since opening its skies to Israel, citizens of the Jewish state landed in Saudi Arabia after their flight was forced to make an emergency landing.

Remove Moses and the Ten Commandments

Living Torah: Why Does Moses Threaten the Jewish People with Curses?

Moses was the loving leader and national father par excellence. Why the total change in character?

Remove UNIFIL post

After Delay, UNIFIL Renewed for Another Year

It came down to the wire for the U.N. peacekeeping force on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Remove Israel's national youth soccer team

Team Effort in Sports Affects Individual Performance, Israeli Researchers Find

Ben-Gurion University scientists say the findings could be applied to other industries, including marketing, political lobbying and R&D.


standing together – sukkot

Remove Netanyahu and Xi Jinping

Israel to Bring 3,000 Construction Workers from China

Israel's Population and Immigration Authority said the addition of 3,000 workers will be a significant boost to the construction industry in Israel.

Remove embassy

Jerusalem Police Nab Palestinians for US Embassy Break-Ins

The suspects, both men in their 20s from the town of Tarqumiyah, worked at a construction site near the embassy in the capital’s Arnona neighborhood.

Remove Israel-Lebanon border

Facing the Unknown: Israel’s Northern Security Amid UNIFIL’s Looming Exit

What are Israel's strategic options along its northern border?

Remove Kenya, water shortage

Waves of Relief: IsraAID’s Mission to Tackle Kenya’s Water Scarcity

IsraAID, an Israeli non-governmental humanitarian aid organization, is playing a crucial role in aiding Kenya's water needs by facilitating clean water drilling projects.

Remove Startup Nation

Florida University Students Learn Innovation Nation Secrets

Seminar attracts mainly students without previous exposure to anything Israel-related, eager to learn and apply lessons from Israel's startup success.

Remove antisemitism

Governments Embracing Antisemitism Definition still Fund Its Opponents, according to Study

Some 30% of NGOs that have an agenda against IHRA definition receive grants from Western governments that have adopted the definition, research finds.


UNIFIL Mandate Renewal Postponed Following UK, US Objections

The draft resolution sought to curtail the peacekeeping force's freedom to carry out patrols without prior coordination with the Lebanese army.

Remove Netanyahu and Daines

Visiting Montana Senator Praises Israel as One of Most ‘Cherished’ US Allies

Netanyahu and US Senator Steve Daines discuss Iran threat, AI, and Montana wildfires during meeting in Jerusalem.

Remove Scene of the attack

One Murdered, Five Injured in Car Ramming Terror Attack in Central Israel

The terrorist, who was eliminated by security forces, was said to have held a valid work permit to enter Israel.

Remove Palestinian kids, terror camp

DISTURBING: Terrorist Summer Camp for Palestinian Youth Exposes Troubling Reality

Are you still wondering why there isn't peace?

Remove windsurfing

A Winning Month for Israeli Athletes

Over the month of August, Israeli athletes racked up medals in sports including karate, marathon running, and windsurfing.

Remove Succot

IDF Soldiers in Remote Areas Need ‘4 Species’ to Observe Festival of Sukkot

These brave soldiers sacrifice so much to protect our homeland, and it’s our duty to ensure they can celebrate Sukkot wherever they are.

Remove A model of Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue

Historic Jerusalem Synagogue Rebuilt from Ashes of Destruction, Set to Open in 2024

Established in 1872, it dominated the skyline of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter until its destruction during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence.

Remove Airplane

Israelis Arrive Home after Emergency Stop in Saudi Arabia

“I very much appreciate the warm attitude of the Saudi authorities toward the Israeli passengers whose plane was in distress and had to make an emergency landing,” Netanyahu said.

Remove City of David

Archaeologists Baffled by Jerusalem Discovery Dating Back to Biblical Kings

Unprecedented channel installation dating back to the First Temple period uncovered in the City of David National Park.

Remove IDF

IDF Soldier Lightly Injured in Car Ramming Terror Attack Near Hebron

The terrorist was "neutralized," the IDF said.

Remove Western Wall

Ahead of High Holidays, Stones of the Western Wall Examined

A team of engineers ascended a lift and examined the durability of each and every stone.

Remove U.S. Gen Mark Milley and IDF LTG Herzi Halevi

WATCH: Exclusive Farewell Interview Highlights Israel-US Military Unity

U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley's farewell visit to Israel included an exclusive joint interview with IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, reaffirming the unbreakable Israel-U.S. alliance.

Remove quantum-computing

Reshaping the Future: Israel’s Quantum Tech Surge

Join a fascinating exploration to understand how this game-changing Israeli quantum-computing project will create a lasting impact on the world.

Remove Hezbollah

Israeli Defense Minister Calls for ‘Urgent UN Intervention’ at Lebanon Border

The Israeli defense minister conveyed the message to Secretary General António Guterres in New York.

Remove Ilhan Omar

For Ilhan Omar, Sometimes it’s Okay to be All About the Benjamins

But what are Pakistan and Qatar buying from her?

Remove Jerusalem

Archaeologists Uncover Longest Section of Aqueduct in Jerusalem

The 300-meter portion of a Second Temple period aqueduct in Jerusalem is the longest such continuous stretch ever found in the city.

Remove Airplane

Malfunction Forces Flight Carrying Israelis to Land in Saudi Arabia

Air Seychelles was en route to Tel Aviv with a reported 128 Israelis on board when it experienced what the airline said was an unspecified technical issue.

Remove Earthquake

‘We Have Places Liable to Trouble’: Is Israel Prepared to Deal with Earthquakes?

Defense Minister Gallant said Israel has some "tens of thousands of structures that we need to address so that in emergencies, people will not become trapped in them."

Remove Leviathan gas field

Netanyahu Reviews Israel’s Policy on Exporting Natural Gas

Netanyahu briefed on scope of natural gas exports and hears forecasts on ways to meet demands of local economy for natural gas in the next 25 years.

Remove Netanyahu with Swedish delegation

‘An Important Beginning’: Netanyahu Thanks Swedish MPs for Change in Swedish Policy Towards Israel

Netanyahu thanks members of visiting Swedish delegation for supporting moving Swedish Embassy to Jerusalem.

Remove Israeli and Druze friends

Sports as a Bridge: Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Druze Foster Coexistence

Another beautiful example of Israeli coexistence.

Remove Maru Teferi

A Run to Remember: Israel Seizes First Silver in Men’s Marathon

The nation celebrated a historic achievement as Israeli runner Marhu Teferi secured the country's inaugural silver medal in the men's marathon at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest on Sunday.

Remove Funeral of Batsheva Nigri

Did US Knowingly Fund Terror Against Israelis?

Terror deaths fell every year under Trump and rose every year under Biden.

Remove Palestinian terrorists

Israel Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle Iranian Explosives from Jordan

The explosives were destined for Palestinian terror groups in Judea and Samaria.

Remove Huwara shooting

Driving Through Terror: Israelis Learn to Survive Highway Attacks

"We are trying to prevent and to fight terror before it happens."

Remove Jerusalem

Papa New Guinea to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

The opening of the embassy reportedly will take place on September 5, during a visit by Prime Minister James Marape to Israel.

Remove Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush, June 23, 2022. Credit: Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Libya’s Foreign Minister Suspended after Meeting with Israel’s Chief Diplomat

Libyan prime minister suspends foreign minister a day after Israel revealed its chief diplomat met with her last week.

Remove Syria

Aleppo Airport Forced to Shut Down Due to Aerial Attacks Attributed by Syrian Media to Israel

Damage was reportedly caused to the airport runway.

Remove Lifesaving wristband, Neomare

WATCH: The Israeli Wristband that Could End Drowning

With the power to swiftly respond to emergency situations, an Israeli company may hold the promise of saving numerous lives each year.

Remove heatwave beach

From Blistering to Bliss: An Israeli Company’s Game-Changing Urban Cooling

As cities brace for even hotter days ahead, an Israeli company stands out with a innovative response.

Remove Antony Blinken

Blinken: Saudi Deal will Require Major Israeli Concessions

The U.S. secretary of state said Saudi Arabia will need to show Muslims it extracted major achievements for the Palestinians in any normalization deal.

Remove Mahmoud Abbas

Did Abbas Call to ‘Escalate’ Deadly Terror against Israelis?

Since Abbas’ call to “escalate,” there has been a steady stream of Palestinian terror in which 4 Israelis have been murdered.

Remove Netanyahu Cabinet Meeting

‘Arrogant Words’: Netanyahu Dismisses Hamas War Threats

Saleh Arouri, who commands Hamas terror cells in Judea and Samaria, threatened war if Israel began launching targeted assassinations of Hamas leaders in Gaza or Lebanon.

Remove Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium’s ‘Secret Kosher Kitchen’ Revealed

The door that can only be opened with two keys simultaneously.

Remove Kosovo Israel relations

Sierra Leone to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

"This is another step in the strengthening of our eternal capital's international stature."

Remove Yoseph Haddad

Arab Pro-Israel Activist Yoseph Haddad Attacked While Boarding Plane from Dubai to Israel

"I want to tell all the attackers - you will not stop me and you are only causing me to continue and to get stronger."

Remove IDF soldiers

‘3 DAYS TO SURRENDER’: Huwara Terrorist’s Father Warned by IDF

IDF forces reportedly mapped the family's home in preparation for its possible demolition.


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