by Jeremy Porteus
(Perth, Australia)

Dear United with Israel,

I am a non-Jewish person from Western Australia and I would like to thank United with Israel for bringing Israel’s stories to the attention of the world.

It is encouraging to see so much support from all over the world, from all religious denominations for this little nation with a big heart!

I really have a lot of respect for Israel, and how a country populated with immigrants from all over the world has been able to achieve so much! The only thing in common that I can see is your faith. (ed: that’s not a small thing…)

I always back the underdog in any situation and Israel is a fine example of this. Surrounded on all sides by people who want to destroy you, yet they have been thus far unsuccessful.

It makes no sense that Israel can be prosperous and forward thinking while her neighbors are stuck in poverty and backward thinking, wasting their time on pointless hatred.

I agree that Iran is a major problem and an Iran with nuclear weaponry cannot be allowed to happen for everyone’s sake.

One might think that after so many defeats at Israel’s hands, the Arab world would realize that there will be no surrender by Israel and good people around the world will never let them achieve their pointless ambitions of destruction.

We all pray to the same God so in the end the corruption engineered by mere mortals scared of losing absolute power over their followers will result in their own moral destruction. Hatred and intolerance will ultimately result in failure. The sooner, the better.

God bless Israel.

Jeremy Porteus

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