: In breakout session of the “Academic Boycott of Israel” initiative, Amy Kaplan, professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania spoke about how teachers can most effectively demonize Israel in every classroom as well as the “positive aspects” of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

In response to this terrible occurrence, an Australian man named Ernest Taylor took action to send a very strong letter to the University of Pennsylvania regarding professor Amy Kaplan.

Below is a copy of his letter:

Dear Madam,

I read with considerable disgust the comments of your; and I use the term loosely, Professor Kaplan and her efforts to demonize the State of Israel by way of using English classes. That one of your staff is of this benighted opinion is to say the least, unfortunate, but for her to express this opinion and to foster such in the context of educating students is appalling. This ‘professor’ needs an update in just what the State of Israel has done for the world, including the Islamic world. She needs to realize that boycotting Israel would be cutting off 60 – 70% of the world’s scientific discoveries.

We saw this action in the past in Nazi Germany, one needs to remember that “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” I have no problem with what a person may think or do, providing they do no harm. This breaks that right. Yes she has the right to her thoughts and words, even her actions, but she has the responsibility to ensure that those rights cause no harm.

With the hope that you give this all consideration,


Ernest J Taylor

Copies were also sent to the US President, State Governor, Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania.

We encourage you to email the English Department chairperson as well as the “professor”:
Chairperson Nancy Bentley:
Professor Amy Kaplan:

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