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Israel boycott BDS


The BDS movement pretends to be a peace-seeking movement with an aim to bring dignity and prosperity to the “oppressed” Palestinians, but in reality, its goal is Israel’s destruction.

BDS pretends to work for freedom, justice, and equality for “oppressed” Palestinians, however, its actions prove otherwise.

The movement, which counts among its supporters terrorists, convicted killers, and anti-Semites, claims that it is boycotting institutions, groups, and organizations operating in Israel. In fact, BDS denigrates artists and publishes the names and personal details of Jewish students to endanger them

If BDS really wants peace, how come its activists are not trying to bring Israelis and Palestinians together?

Because their real goal isn’t peace. It is to bring about the demise of the Jewish state. Anyone that wants to bring peace to the Middle East should condemn the movement.