An Israeli company is working to produce a once a day pill to reduce nausea and vomiting for cancer patients following chemotherapy.   At the moment, the only drug available to cancer patients suffering from nausea and vomiting after chemo or radiation therapy must be taken several times per day.

Gilead Raday, vice president of the Tel Aviv based RedHill Biopharma, explains:  “When you are feeling nauseous, you don’t want to have to take additional pills with water throughout the day.  We are working towards being first-to-market with this particular drug.”

The drug, called RHB-102, is one of six patent-protected pipeline drugs that RedHill is working on. The company which was founded in 2009 strives to improve on existing medications either with novel drug formulations or combinations of existing drugs for new indications. The companies other drugs include a once-daily formulation of a leading congestive heart failure and high blood pressure drug, an oral thin-film formulation of a leading treatment for acute migraine; a combination therapy for the treatment of an infection associated with Crohn’s disease, a combination therapy for treating H.pylori infection resistant to current standards of care, and a novel encapsulated bowel-cleansing preparation.

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