Naming a Jewish daughter has a deep spiritual dimension and is generally performed during the public reading of the Torah. At this time, a beautiful benediction called a Mi Sheberach is recited through which Jews pray for the mother’s health. Near the conclusion of this prayer, the baby girl is given her name. Finally, we pray that the baby girl grows in Torah wisdom and serves as the source for more generations of Jewish children.

What is the Deeper Significance of a Hebrew Name?
A Hebrew name is much more than an appellation with a pleasant ring to it. A Hebrew name actually defines its bearer and speaks to one’s character traits and identity. Our Sages’ homiletic commentary on the Torah teaches that Adam named every creature in the world based on each creature’s essential qualities. (Midrash Genesis Raba 17:4) In other words, the names Adam gave were descriptive of each creature’s essence. People’s names function in the same way, describing personal character traits and inner qualities.

Below is a list of biblical female names and their meanings in English:

Devora- speak kind words
Esther- hidden
Rachel- female sheep
Sarah- princess
Tamar- palm tree
Tziporah- bird
Batya- daughter of God
Naama- pleasant

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