Thousands of Israeli children will arrive in the ancient Jewish city of Hebron tonight to pray in one of Israel’s holiest sites in preparation for Israel’s holiest day.  Buses carrying children from the far north, the far south, and cities in between, will arrive in Hebron at around midnight.  This will enable the children to participate in “Selichot” services in the Cave of the Patriarchs where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebbecca, Jacob, and Leah are buried.

This will be the first time most of the children have ever been in Hebron, thus connecting them to their ancestral roots in this most meaningful of ways.
It is especially meaningful given the timing with the Palestinians traveling to the United Nations with support for declaring Hebron as part of their Palestinian state.

The event will include the actual prayers led by some of the most prominent Israel rabbis, an educational class about Yom Kippur, a tour of Hebron, and spending time in the homes of Jews who live in the city.

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