Counter-terrorism experts from throughout the United States held a security seminar in Israel together with the Israeli Border Police. The group includes policemen from New York, California and Texas.

A press release from the American Jewish Committee which arranged the seminar said that the event “showcases Israeli technological and operational advances in counter-terrorism tactics,” and also enable the United States representatives to “exchange information on best practices with their Israeli counterparts.” 

Los Angeles Police Department Commander Richard Webb explained that Israelis “are considered world leaders and innovators in counter-terrorism and security. My experiences in meeting with the various experts and leaders confirm they not only are experts, they are pragmatic and collaborative.”

Montgomery County Police Department Assistant-Chief Russell E. Hamill says that he has already learned “not only the importance of hardening the country against terror attacks but also of the community in refusing to be terrorized. The Israeli people live that; they refuse to be terrorized.  In the battle against terrorism, that’s how you win and the Israelis are winning. They are not victims but survivors.”

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