: This letter was sent to us from an American woman named Bianca Labrador. She refers to herself as an “ally” of Israel. She did not write this letter to become famous or to have it seen by our community of 700,000 people. She wrote it to express her heartfelt feelings of friendship – to connect with the People of Israel. Bianca, thank you for your support and encouragement!

We at United with Israel were very moved by this letter. And it was our pleasure and honor to publish it. We’ve decided that once a month we will publish an ‘open letter’ from our community. If you would like to participate, please email your letter to openletter@unitedwithisrael.org. We would love to hear from you too!


Dear Israel,

I wanted to write you to inform you that you still have an ally in the United States. It may seem by the U.S. president’s actions that our long history together means nothing, that we are not true allies. But that is not so. Most of us Americans still love Israel and think of you as one of our strongest –if not THE strongest– of allies. In July of this year a Rasmussen poll revealed that 58% of Americans support Israel. Sure, some may be quick to forget our strong relations that have spanned more than 60 years. But many more still appreciate all that you have done as our ally.

I understand that our current President has behaved in ways that may make you feel that you don’t mean a lot to us, but as shown by the above poll, that’s not true. Ever since 1948, Israel and the United States have been allies. Israel has stood by our side numerous times, when you could have gone in another direction. In the 1960s when most of the Middle Eastern nations were growing to support the Soviets, you stayed strong and remained our ally. I think we can all agree, that was not an easy thing for you to do at that time.

You’ve also proven to be an ally by sharing intelligence information with us, whether it was the information you found on the Iraqi plane that landed there in 1966 or the images your spies found of the Dassault Mirage 5, you came to us with your findings. You’ve also managed to continue your anti-terror activities, which has been a great help to the United States in our continued effort to end terrorism.

Since you are an ally to us, we have also supported you in a variety of ways; we have given you weapons to help protect yourselves from invaders and economic aid to help strengthen your nation.

The United States and Israel have a common goal of eradicating terrorism and allowing freedom to extend across the world. If we remain allies, someday this will not only be a hope and dream, but a reality.

I hope that we can make it through the next two years, and continue our journey as allies. Please, remember (especially when a certain somebody opens his mouth and says things that sound anti-Israel) that you do have a friend in the United States, and that most of us Americans sympathize with you and appreciate all that you have done.


Bianca Labrador

An Ally