Dr. Tawfiq Hamid, an Egyptian who was formerly active in the Islamist terror group Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya, has decided to condemn radical Islam after he witnessed how brutal such an ideology is upon being requested to bury a police officer alive. He claimed that his conscience as a human being would not permit for him to commit such a brutal and barbaric act of violence. He also rejected radical Islam’s systematic oppression of women. As a result of him becoming an outspoken critic of radical Islam, the Al Qamaa Al Islamiyya has threatened to kill him, but Hamid remains undeterred, still committed to getting his voice heard, claiming that the Islamists could kill his body, but not his voice. He warns that Israel should not make any concessions to radical Islam, for the Islamists would view such an action as weakness and it would encourage them to engage in further aggression.

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