Officials in Europe have indicated that they are in favor of toughening sanctions on Iran.  The EU will be considering new measures against the Iranian Central Bank as well as preventing Iranian access to transactions through European banks.

This past summer, the EU began a complete embargo on imports of Iranian oil and the United States worked to stop other international buyers from purchasing Iranian oil.

Iranian citizens demonstrated against the regime in the streets of Tehran yesterday, a clear indication that the financial sanctions are having an impact.   Police tried to shut down the black market trade in foreign currencies which people use because of the weakened Iranian currency, the rial.  After police wielded batons and used tear gas in this effort, citizens rioted in the streets.

A senior European official explained that a change in the Iranian regime would “really the best result.” He acknowledged that there is a risk of the sanctions reinforcing the regime with the international community being blamed for the deteriorating living conditions but said that “ for the moment, we are not seeing that.”

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