Our response to 1500 Rockets from Gaza is to plant 1500 Fruit Trees in Israel!

Celebrate Israel’s 65th Birthday by Planting Trees – HELP US REACH OUR GOAL!

Spring is Already Here – Time to Plant!

We will soon see the Fruit Trees of Israel blossom into magnificent expressions of bounty and beauty!

Please join our project, in partnership with Zo Artzeinu (“this is our Land”), to plant Fruit Trees in Israel – A Very Good Deed!

This is a special opportunity to contribute to the physical and spiritual beauty of the Land of Israel. Your trees will be planted in southern Israel – right near the towns that were hit the hardest with the terrorists’ rockets of destruction.



This year, please join us in responding to the 1500 rockets fired from Gaza during Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense by planting
1500 fruit trees in southern Israel


New planting means new life. New planting means growth and expansion.

Become part of the Israel Experience by planting Fruit Trees in the Land of Israel!

Anyone who plants a ROW of 10 Trees will receive a
FREE Sterling Silver Land of Israel Necklace!

Hand-crafted in Jerusalem, this work of art and beauty consists of a crystal glass pendant with earth and water from all over Israel including Jerusalem, Hebron, Bet-El, Kinneret and the Dead Sea. Now you can keep Israel not only on your mind but next to your heart.

Purchase 18 or more Fruit Trees and receive the Land of Israel Necklace plus a FREE Sterling Silver Dreidle, hand-crafted in Jerusalem!

This exquisite collector’s piece is made by “Netafim 55” a Jerusalem silver-craft company who was recently chosen by the Temple Institute to make vessels for the Holy Temple! Many of these vessels are on exhibit throughout the Old City of Jerusalem. You will surely treasure this unique piece of Jerusalem for a lifetime!

If you plant an orchard of 100 trees, you will receive the necklace, the silver dreidel and a stunning rose sculpture created from the remains of missiles that landed in Israel. This unique piece of art and history is a modern day version of “beating swords into plowshares” and a testimony to the Nation of Israel’s resolve in turning destruction into growth – and terror into beauty – much like the orchard of fruit trees that you will be planting!



EVERYONE who participates in the beautiful mitzvah (good deed) of planting trees in Israel will receive 2 Authentic Tree Certificates with personal dedications that can be kept or presented to family members or friends.


If you would like to order by phone, please call:
(USA) +1-646-213-4003
(Israel) +972-2-533-7841

TO ORDER BY MAIL: Click HERE for an order form that you can print and mail to.
United with Israel
Nachal Maor 8/19
Bet Shemesh 99623

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