Many people do not understand the complexity of the situation regarding the Gaza strip. Israel was not the only country that was upset that the Hamas terrorist organization took over Gaza in a military coup, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority were also against this move.

As a result of the Hamas military coup, Israel and Egypt placed a blockade on Gaza. It was in both countries interests to stop the flow of arms and goods that could be used by Hamas to fortify their position in Gaza.

The other party that also took offense to the Hamas military takeover of Gaza was the Palestinian Authority. Hamas killed many of the PA’s leadership in the Gaza strip and the PA lost total control. As a result the PA also took drastic steps against the Hamas, including holding back medical supplies to the Gaza hospitals.

Regardless, the world constantly placed pressure upon Israel to ease its blockade on Gaza. All the while, no pressure was ever placed on either Egypt or the Palestinian Authority.

Today, the Gaza economy is thriving. Malls and hotels are being built, luxury cars are being delivered via Israel and via the illegal tunnels from Egypt and many public building projects are taking place. Bottom line, the humanitarian crisis that people like to speak about in Gaza is non-existant. Anyone in Gaza who has trouble getting a job or finding employment must do what every citizen does, complain to the ruling authority responsible for the economy- in this case the Hamas.

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