Building hospitals in Morocco; An $8 billion market; Israeli innovation for Michigan; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Chronic disease breakthrough

Researchers from Haifa’s Bnai Zion Medical Center and Israel’s Technion Institute have developed semaphorin 3A – a molecule that maintains the balance of the immune system. It can help treat autoimmune or inflammatory diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, MS, and IBD.

Bionic bacteria

Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have engineered nano-sized hybrid biological components at room temperature. These fast-growing proteins, enzymes, and other biological compounds can be used to develop new, safer medicines and improved fuels that do not exist in nature.

How do the astronauts feel?

Another experiment conducted by astronauts on the Axiom One Rakia mission to the International Space Station was the helmet of Israel’s Brain.Space (see here previously). Here is a detailed description of the experiment and the implications for future space travel.


Early warning of patient problems

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has just completed a clinical study of patients using the wearable vital signs monitor from Israel’s BioBeat (see here previously). It shows that the telehealth device can detect patient deterioration 38 hours before clinical deterioration, in 75% of patients.

An alternative to psychiatric hospitals

An interesting report and separate analysis of the performance of three of Israel’s 13 Soteria Houses for psychiatric patients. Their compassion and supportive environments contrast with alternative psychiatric hospitals that focus on anti-psychotic drugs and more invasive therapies.

Superfood is even better than mother’s milk

Israel’s Maolac (see here previously) has progressed from just producing an alternative to mother’s milk for babies. It is now using one ingredient for an anti-inflammatory product to help athletes recover after exercise. And another, to make a probiotic that reduces stress in the gut.

The future is in HealthTech

“The Future is in HealthTech” was one of a new series of meetings sponsored by Calcalist and Start-Up Nation Central. It highlighted the pandemic-induced rise of telemedicine, Zoom meetings, and virtual reality.

More medical innovation partners

RISE is the innovation arm of Assuta – Israel’s leading private chain of hospitals. RISE already partners with 30 Israeli startups and has just added five more. Ibex MedicalSenseeraTheatorMagentiq Eye and MaveriQx – the only startup not previously reported in this newsletter.

Paralyzed man is now back on his feet

A mystery illness caused 41-year-old Nir’s muscles to deteriorate and eventually Nir collapsed, paralyzed. At Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Nir was quickly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome. A transfusion and plasma replacement restored Nir’s life.


Building sports facilities in Jerusalem for Arabs & Jews

Construction has begun on eastern Jerusalem’s first-ever public sports and swimming pool complex. Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion said the center was “only the beginning of the process of closing the gaps between the various parts of the city.”

Vietnamese refugees in Israel

From 1977 to 1979, Israel gave refuge to some 360 of the so-called Vietnamese “boat people,” in the aftermath of the Communist takeover of the Southeast Asian nation. 45 years later, over 150 have remained in Israel, and are grateful for “the opportunity to rebuild our lives here”.

Murder victims warn against violence

Israel’s D-ID (see here previously) has used its avatar technology to support the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. D-ID has brought the victims “back to life” to publicize the dangers of violent husbands and actions women can take to save their lives.

Rescued sea turtles released back into the wild

17 endangered sea turtles (15 loggerheads and two green sea turtles) that were rescued by Israel after suffering major injuries were released last week back into the Mediterranean after months of rehabilitation at Israel’s Sea Turtle Rescue Center.

Israel and Brazil

Nice video showing the close relationship between Brazil and the Jewish State.  Brazil was instrumental in the UN vote for Partition in 1947 which led to the founding of the modern Jewish State. Israel is known as the Promised Land and Brazil is known as the Land of Promise.


Building hospitals in Morocco

The Israeli-founded IMS International Medical Services is to invest $497 million to construct several hospitals in Morocco. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Rabat by IMS co-founder Ms. Yardena Ovadia (also IMS’s President) and Morocco’s Ministry of Health.

Medical equipment for Moldovia

Israel has donated a consignment of medical equipment worth $700,000 to Moldova It will be delivered to medical institutions for diagnosis and hospital surgery rooms, benefiting both Moldova’s citizens and refugees from the war in adjacent Ukraine.


Engineering courses to fill hi-tech vacancies

Israel’s Afeka College (see here previously) in Tel Aviv has produced some 7,500 hi-tech graduates since 2014 and its 450-strong faculty is currently training 3,300 more. It aims to develop skills in math, physics, engineering, personal skills, English, Hebrew, programming, and ethics.

The world’s most advanced digital mirror

Walmart is acquiring Israeli-founded Memomi, which has developed technology to enhance virtual optical try-on experiences, helping customers virtually “try on” eyewear in real-time. The technology is already used at 2,800 Walmart Vision Centers and 550 Sam’s Clubs.


Eco-friendly light and shade

More about Israel’s Anai Green and her LumiWeave (see here previously) solar powered shade and lighting system. If Tel Aviv trials are successful, it can be rolled out to cafes and swimming pools and more. Besides cost benefits, by focusing the light downwards, it minimizes light pollution in cities.

Biodegradable plastic from waste and algae

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have produced plastic that degrades in nature within six months. They extracted bacteria from algae and fed it sugars from agricultural waste to produce plastics.


The wonders of microalgae

Israel’s BarAlgae in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel near Hadera is the only Israeli company to grow seven species of microalgae. Its corporate clients use this to make into animal (mainly fish) nutrition, cosmetics, and supplements. BarAlgae’s self-built automated production system is amazing.

Supplements from Israeli herbs

On a visit to Israeli startup Bara Herbs in Yoknean, its CEO described the health products produced from Israeli and internationally grown herbs. Also, some great tasty teas, dried fruits, and cosmetics.

“Outside of the box” food tech

See how Israel’s Vertical Farms grows fresh vegetables in a container in a supermarket car park. Also, the CEO of Israeli VC fund Millenium Food-Tech, which invests in innovative Israeli food technology companies. He highlights Israel’s Aleph Farms and its cultured meat technology.


The spirit of innovation

Another recent visit was to Israel’s Legends whiskey distillery (see here previously). Their unique Kentucky whiskey is sourced from corn, wheat, barley, yeast, and limestone-filtered Israeli water.

Chickpea alternative to dairy barista coffee

Israel’s ChickP (see here previously) has now customized its chickpea plant-based protein as a non-dairy alternative creamer for barista-style coffee drinks. The product has a smooth consistency, naturally foaming, with no bitter taste, no added sugar, or unnecessary added ingredients.

A “Wonderland” of drone navigation

Israel’s Wonder Robotics (see here previously) is to provide its Wonderland precise autonomous landings solution to Spright – the new drone division of US air medical services company Air Methods.

Teen innovators

Four groups of Israeli high school “teenpreneurs” recently pitched to investors. Their products included Moosh – an AI search engine to find the perfect gift. ALTZ – an app to help dementia patients and families. STARYEAM, a VR driving simulator and Pro-Look – AI to reduce electric scooter accidents.

Israeli innovations are changing our lives

This whistle-stop video of Israeli tech features Mobileye, WaterGen, Israeli desalination, drip irrigation, GreenEye, Autonomous Robots, Tevel Aerobotics, PillCam, Re-Walk, and SniffPhone (all reported here previously), Don’t blink or you will miss something big.



Israeli hi-tech is still booming

Numbers of employees in Israeli growth companies increases by 30% every year and there are now over 33,000 hi-tech job vacancies. Meanwhile, despite the downturn, Israeli startups raised almost $10 billion in the 1st half of 2022.

The world’s leading innovation authority

3-min video of one of Israel’s most important institutions. The Israel Innovation Authority supports Israeli innovators from least to most experienced. From inception to long-term, high-risk R&D projects. For every shekel it invests, over 5 shekels are returned to the Israeli economy.


Israel reopens economic office in Turkiye

Israel is to reopen its economic office in Istanbul, Turkiye (a.k.a. Turkey), on 1st Aug. It will benefit some 1,540 Israeli companies currently exporting to the Turkish market and help strengthen their business operations. 2021 bi-lateral trade was $7.7 billion, 30% more than in 2020.

An $8 billion market

On-line games have made a significant impact on modern day culture, entertainment, education, rehabilitation training and technological advancement. Israel’s 190 digital games companies employ 14,000 people, earning a total of $8.6 billion in 2021 – 800% more than in 2017, and 5% of the global market.

$7.9 million for 9 joint US projects

The US-Israel BIRD Foundation has approved $7.9 million funding for nine new joint projects. Israeli organizations are Compentex NurseSpaceExtreme SimulationsFlyWorksHighlanderOverwolfInnosphereSourasky Ichilov hospitalWavelength (SEQENS), and ZutaCore.

NIS 2 million donation to train entrepreneurs

Israeli serial hi-tech entrepreneur Dr. Ori Allon has donated two million shekels to Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center. In addition to boosting TAU’s multi-disciplinary courses, it will also fund an annual hackathon challenge and TAU’s entrepreneurship for women.

Advising and investing in Israeli AI

Israel’s Opteamizer has built AI supplication models for several Israeli startups and provided training and consultancy to 90+ Israeli R&D centers. Now it plans to invest in 10 early-stage Israeli startups, join their board and streamline the entire development lifecycle of their AI applications.




Israeli innovation for Michigan

The Michigan delegation visiting Tel Aviv’s EcoMotion was focused on Israel’s autonomous, electric, shared, and connected technology with startups such as Electreon and ZOOZ Power, but the State wants Israeli solutions for security, consumer goods, water, agriculture, and smart cities.


Takeovers and mergers to 17/7/22

US-based Clearhaven Partners acquired Israel’s SundaySky for $100 million. Israel’s IronSource is merging with Denmark’s Unity Software. Israel’s Optimove has acquired UK’s Graphyte for $40 million.

Investment in Israeli startups to 17/7/22:

Cathworks received $75 million from Medtronic; AI21 Labs raised $64 million;  Aurora Labs raised $63 millionEdge raised $30 millionDeci raised $25 millionUncaged Studios raised $24 millionGigantic (Clawee) raised $7 millionWonder Robotics raised $4 million;


More activities for children in Israel

Check out some of the activities for kids in Israel at this site. Make candy, paint pottery, transform tree bark into paper, learn about biblical animals, make bread as they did in Temple times, have fun in Maale Adumim, and more.

Nefesh b’Nefesh Calendar

Events on the NbN calendar for July include an oasis hike, magic at Center Stage, an Orchestral concert, a guided tour of design art, and a nocturnal hike in the Carmel Forest.

Mental magic

17-year-old Nevo Abutbul is one of the world’s youngest professional mentalists. He has already performed on US TV. He is about to be drafted into the army as the IDF’s first mentalist. Israel’s enemies should surrender now!


Those Israeli walking seeds

Tour guide Pamela Levene remembers the pranks Israeli children played with the Israeli seeds featured in last week’s newsletter. Placed on the trouser leg, the seed, stimulated by sweat, would then “walk” upwards, causing great discomfort. The victims had to drop their trousers to remove them!


Spanish gold for Israeli dancers

Israel’s 23-member team “Chopskick” from Modi’in won a gold medal in the 62-nation, 120,000-competitors, Dance World Cup in San Sebastian, Spain. Their performance “Zombieland” won the Hip-hop Commercial Mega Crew category. Israeli teams won 18 medals at the event.

Israeli gold at World Games

50 Israeli athletes are competing in the World Games in Birmingham Alabama. 16-year-old Daria Atamanov scooped two golds and a silver in the rhythmic gymnastics, as Israel finished top of the table in the event. Meanwhile Israeli kickboxer Shir Cohen is in the final of the under-52kg category.


10,000 compete in Maccabiah Games

The 21st “Jewish Olympics” began with 10,000 athletes from 80 countries who will be competing in 42 events all over Israel. In Netanya we met a team from Chile and a member of the over-55’s US tennis team. US President Joe Biden was a special guest at the opening ceremony.





Aleppo synagogue reconstructed

An exhibit at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum uses Virtual Reality (VR) to “rebuild” the Aleppo synagogue, destroyed by the Syrians. The exhibit was only possible thanks to the 50 photos smuggled out by Sarah Shammah, a young Syrian Jew, on the last plane to Israel from Beirut in 1947.

Building monumental buildings in Jerusalem

Designing new buildings in Jerusalem is unlike building in any other city in the world. This article describes the new entrance pavilion at the Tower of David Museum, the Davidson Museum at the Western Wall, and the National Memorial Hall for Fallen Soldiers on Mount Herzl.

Delegation of European Muslims visit Israel

A 40-member delegation of young Muslim community leaders from France and Belgium visited Israel recently. They were led by French Imam Hassen Chalghoumi. The participants said they saw real Israelis and not the stereotypes they had been told about back home.

US President’s security advisor

Accompanying US President Biden on his Israel trip is Anne Neuberger. She is an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn New York. Granddaughter of Shoah survivors, she speaks Hebrew, Arabic, and Yiddish (and English!). Her parents were rescued by Israelis at Entebbe in 1976 – the year she was born!

A Nation Reborn

David Harris’s potted history of the Jewish State is simply earth-shattering.

A lasting recipe

When Israel’s Ida Kleinman passed away in 2010, aged 91, she was determined not to take her famous recipe for nut cake to the grave.  She gave instructions to have it engraved on her tombstone. Now visitors to Rehovot Cemetery can view it anytime, or alternatively at these on-line sites.