2 Days ago we saw a graphic image of a bloody girl stating that she was injured in the current escalation in the South.  This was quickly proven to be not true, and the photo was in fact from 2006.  Israel is only targeting specific locations that are known weapons depots and are hitting them with pinpoint precision.

There is Another War going on.  The war we speak of is in the world of social media.  This is where we have people posting past images as if they are current.  We cannot be posting these images, the truth is the only way and we promise you that the photos will be reported as past events.  We cannot stoop to their level and must maintain honesty, it is our greatest weapon.

Here Is How To Check If A Photo Is Current Or Not:
Hover over the image with your mouse

Right Click ON the image

Click Copy Image URL

Go to www.google.com and click on Images

Click on the little Camera icon in the search box

Paste the URL we copied from the image

Click Search

See if any articles come up in the results from before this week.

If they do then DO NOT POST THE IMAGE and alert whomever posted it that it is an old image and should be taken down.