Army headquarters Northern Command, Major General Yair Golan, spoke at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, and addressed the current security conditions at Israel’s northern border in the face of terrorist organizations operating against Israel at the various fronts.

“Iran is here,” says Major General Golan, “its negative influence is significant in the Gaza Strip, in Lebanon and in Syria.” He also warns, “al-Qaeda might attack Israel in time.”

The IDF has the capability to take over launching sites threatening the Israeli home front in a relatively short time period, and defeat Hezbollah terrorists at these sites,” said Maj. Gen. Golan. “In all my years in the IDF I fought against Hezbollah, I know the fighting techniques and can confidently say they are capable of interrupting but not stopping the IDF.”

Major GeneralGolan continued to explain that “al-Qaeda terrorists located in Syria today and operating against the Syrian regime might in time attack Israel.” He estimated that “the Syrian threat on Israel calls for attention. It will not happen tomorrow morning, but it might happen in the coming months.”

Army headquarters, Northern Command said that the weapon arsenal the Syrian regime’s disposal poses another threat against Israel. “Syria has mass-destruction weapons alongside a large, advanced weapon arsenal that includes surface-to-surface missiles, anti-ship missiles, and chemical weapons. The fact that Syria is a weapon storage facility that supplies terrorist organizations in the region- is of great concern.

Major General Golan addressed the Iranian threat and said, “Iran is here, we fight an indirect war against Iran on a daily basis – against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The negative influence of Iran is extremely significant in our region as well as its involvement both here and in Syria.”


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