What is it really like to be an IDF Soldier in Judea and Samaria? This video features an IDF Solider sharing his insight.

Daniel Wencel is the Director of the video. He notes “I have traveled extensively in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank) and found that Jews living there are nice and peaceful people. They are tolerant of their Arab neighbors, and work hard for a living. They also uphold family values and follow the Biblical teachings.”

Hannah Larson produced this video to show us an inside perspective on Israel. She explains, “The star of the video is an Israeli “settler” living in one of the most dangerous areas for Jews to live in Israel. The settlement is called Har Bracha (mountain of blessing) overlooking Nablus- a major terror cell. The interviewer is a Zionist friend of mine I met while volunteering in Israel prior to making aliyah.”

Larson adds, “Our goal is to crush the stigma that Jews living over the Green Line are dangerous fanatics that terrorize Arabs. After living in Israel nearly two years and visiting numerous settlements, I can confidently say that settlers are some of the most warm, welcoming people you will meet in Israel. They don’t terrorize Arabs. They are Zionists who believe in preserving Jewish presence in our historic homeland, and are waiting for the day the Arab people decide to recognize our claim to the land and live next to us in peace.”

Larson notes “With out these Jewish settlements, dangerous Arab towns such as Nablus would be that much closer to central Israel. As exemplified through the evacuation of Gaza, the Arabs have no intention of taking our land in exchange for peace. Therefore, handing over land with a historical and modern Jewish claim for “peace” that the Arabs have no intention of keeping is absurd and puts our small nation in danger.”

Larson concludes “We are a small nation struggling to defend ourselves against overwhelming odds and yet remain humanitarian. Somehow, the Arabs manage to dupe the media and many international organizations into believing that we are out to harm them. This is simply a pack of lies, and unfortunately some buy into it. We need to work against these lies and proclaim the truth. We need organizations in the United States, and around the world to help us achieve this goal.”

Daniel Wencel, the video’s director concludes “However these Jews are demonized in the US and European main stream media and there are lots of falsehoods spread about them. This video is designed that the voice of these Jews gets to be heard. People need to hear the other side of the story. The demonic images and misconceptions about these people should be dispelled. The more people view this video the more truth will come out about these noble people.”

By Joseph Sherman
Sherman is the Editor of United with Israel. joseph.sherman@unitedwithisrael.org

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