IDF soldirer. (Kobi Richter/TPS) Kobi Richter/TPS


The unit will be equipped with state-of-the-art classified combat technologies, some of which are being specially developed for the unit.


The IDF recently launched a new hybrid fighting force, which will incorporate soldiers from a variety of military units to form a unique combat squad with diverse capabilities, as part of a significant shift in strategy designed to confront the challenges posed by the the battlefield of the futture, the IDF announced Wednesday.

The new unit, which remains unnamed for the time being, will include soldiers from various elite infantry units, along with armored forces, the Yahalom special combat engineering forces, the Oketz canine unit personnel, and Duvdevan commando unit soldiers, as well as the Air Force and field intelligence personnel.

All of these forces will join together under at unit’s headquarters in Division 98, which is subordinate to the Central Regional Command. The unit will be commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A., who previously commanded the Duvdevan commando unit.

The innovative unit is unprecedented in the IDF and its contours do not adhere to any existing model.

The unit will operate in all theaters of war, with a wide range of abilities to detect, attack and destroy any enemies it encounters. This will enable the IDF to maneuver more effectively deep into enemy territory and decisively defeat Israel’s enemies.

Another mission of the unit is to develop interdisciplinary knowledge that will influence the structure and organization of other bodies in the military and develop a better understanding of the different aspects of combat across the IDF.

The unit will be equipped with state-of-the-art classified combat technologies, some of which are being specially developed for the unit.

Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi established the unit as part of the IDF’s multiyear plan, which is focused on military innovation and lethal force in the face of future threats.

According to the IDF statement, Kochavi took 10 assignments upon himself, personally, which he will lead as part of the multiyear plan. He chose the new unit as one of these assignments because, in his view, it will lead to military-wide organizational innovation.

The unit will evolve in tandem with a number of other organizational shifts that were recently planned within the framework of the multiyear plan.

For example, the unit will test new combat techniques and tactics developed by the recently established Shiloah unit, which is responsible for developing new combat methods.

The unit will soon begin initial combat training and is planned to reach a high level of performance by the end of the year.

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