Israeli President Shimon Peres invited young scientists from around the country to display their scientific creations in his Sukkah which was open to the Israeli public.

Among the innovations:    16 year old Itay Bloch found a way to use soap bubbles to conduct things such as electricity between points – an idea that can be implemented for cheap electricity supply and other engineering purposes.

High school students Shoham Behar and Joseph Mouallem, from the Haifa area, had a large bowl water filled with pink sand.  This sand had gone through a series of processes to make it averse to water (“hydrophobic).  This sand comes out of the bowl dry and powdery.  They see this development helping the construction industry.

President Peres founded the Future Scientists and Inventors program in 2009 to target the most creative minds among the country’s youth to then push them further in their studies with extra classes at either Tel Aviv University or the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. Peres told the visitors to his Sukkah that “the biggest thing we have going on for us in Israel are the kids.”

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