We already reported about the dancing throughout Israel to celebrate the completion of reading the Torah which took place on Monday.  Many people don’t realize that the dancing in Israel continued last night.  Despite the fact that the official holiday had ended, outdoor dancing was held throughout Israel in what is called the “Second Hakafot.”   This enables Israelis to dance with the Torah to live music, something which is forbidden on the holiday, itself.

Thousands participated in the Second Hakafot at Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem.  This celebration led by the Israel’s Chief Rabbis, Rabbi Yona Metzger and Rishon LeZion Rabbi Shlomo Amar.  President Shimon Peres was also in attendance.  Similar observances were held in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and other major city centers.

The Torah scrolls are taken out of the Holy Ark and people dance with them and around them.  Enjoy this video which shows the “Second Hakafot” in the Ramat Gan yeshiva.

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