Israel continues to help countries throughout the world.

India has turned to Israel to prevent the type of power outage which left close to 6oo million people without power for many days last July.  According to Times of Israel, an Israeli company called SDE is going to build power plants similar to ones they have built in China which will provide electricity with power from waves, along the Indian coastline.  A delegation of Indian businessmen visited Tel Aviv last week to sign the agreements for the plants which will provide backup power for the country.

SDE’s technology uses buoys in the water that bob up and down as waves move towards the shore.  This creates pressure on a hydraulic system that operates an electric generator.

India has over 4,000 miles of coastline so this system will provide very high amounts of power for the country. Indian officials indicate that the areas where the plants are being built will most likely make use of the plants as their primary power source since it is half the price as the power produced by India’s other power sources.

Reported by DOV LIPMAN for United with Israel.

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