: United with Israel is proud partner of a wonderful new ‘Israel Inside’ film that is inspiring masses of people around the world to view Israel in a whole different way. The film has played on PBS stations in major cities, has been screened in six out of seven continents, and is receiving international attention by governments worldwide.

As a result of the overwhelming demand to watch the film, the producers have agreed to make Israel Inside available for free online. As more and more people around the world are exposed to the film, people are beginning to realize “how a small nation makes such a big difference!” You can watch it right here on the United with Israel site.

The film is narrated by New York Times Bestselling Author and former Harvard lecturer Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, who taught Harvard’s most popular course called “Positive Psychology.” “We have a lot to celebrate as a nation,” Ben-Shahar says. “The film was made to showcase how the people of Israel are utilizing 2000 years of values and wisdom.”

Ben-Shahar reveals how the Israeli family and strong community responsibility not only lead to a charitable society, but to a society that shares responsibility with each other. Emphasizing these core character strengths from a young age, Israelis have been able to turn a desert into a “Land flowing with milk and honey” – flourishing amidst complex political and security challenges.

Ben-Shahar is joined on-screen by leading Jewish and Israeli leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen and political figures, including: Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, Great Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, Historian Sir Martin Gilbert, Better Place’s Shai Agassi, and venture capitalist Jonathan Medved.

For 64 years, the modern state of Israel has thrived and continues to stand strong in being a beacon of light and inspiration for its global community. It is absolutely astonishing how much this tiny young nation called Israel has accomplished.

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