Israel is becoming increasingly popular for backpackers. People from all over the world book a flight and one night in a hotel and then figure the rest of the trip out from there. They hiker the country and make personal connections to help arrange accommodations along the way.

Gal Mor, co-owner of Jerusalem’s new Abraham Hostel explains: “Our core guests are backpackers mostly from Europe, the US and Australia, ages 25-35, and we enable them to meet and share information with the other guests in the common areas we provide.” Mor, himself, has backpacked around Europe and Israel.

Israel is the perfect destination for backpackers because of its numerous historic sites and beautiful landscapes within a relatively short distance from each other. This makes it a lot easier to navigate than in more expansive countries like South America, New Zealand and Australia. Furthermore, Israel’s weather is predictable and backpacking is even manageable in the rainy season. It also helps that Israel’s weather is predictable. Even in the rainy season, he says, backpacking in Israel is manageable.

Mor explains that since the main appeal of backpacking is the ability to interact with local people and local culture, Israel provides the perfect backpacking experience. “You are not on a bus with a homogeneous group and a guide. You’re on your own. One of Israel’s most unique aspects is the different diverse cultures of Jews and Muslims, and as a backpacker you can choose to experience that alone or with an organized group.”

Blogging backpacker Miriam Berger of Travelling Starfish ( advises: “If you are looking for an inexpensive but satisfying backpacking adventure, you should look no further than the land of milk and honey. Israel is a backpackers’ dream. Not only is there so much to see without having to travel a far distance, you can do it quite cheaply in ways unique to this glorious country.”