Israelis jets bombed a Hamas target, responding to a cross-border attempt to destroy IDF security against terror tunnels. 

By: TPS and United with Israel Staff

Israel Air Force (IAF) jets attacked a Hamas target in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday night after four Palestinians infiltrated Israeli territory. They tried damaging construction equipment being used to build an underground barrier to Hamas terror tunnels leading into Israel.

The IDF said in a statement that the incident began when soldiers identified a breach in the border fence and an attempt to set fire to engineering vehicles.

“The IDF views with utmost seriousness any attempt to cause damage to security infrastructure or to the security fence, as well as any violation of Israeli sovereignty, above or below ground,” the statement said.

The army added that it holds the Hamas terror group solely responsible for all goings-on inside or emanating from Gaza, and warned about “civilian demonstrations” that serve as cover for attacks on security infrastructure and as an attempt to harm Israeli civilians or soldiers.

“We will continue to react strongly to any attempt of this type,” the IDF said.

Tensions at the border have been high recently. There were several attempts by Gaza terrorists to detonate explosive devices against IDF forces guarding the area, and Hamas has announced plans to lead a mass march into Israeli territory this coming Friday.

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