Fans of Hollywood’s Iron Man movie series are used to seeing hero Tony Stark manipulate 3-D holograms to create scientific wonders. Real View, an Israeli medical holography company is bringing fantasy to reality with 3-D holograms that doctors can use to save lives.

“Real View has developed what is probably the most advanced 3-D interactive visualization system. Our holographic system allows physicians to work with the patients true 3-D anatomy appearing as precise volumetric holograms floating in mid-air,” said Aviad Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Real View.

Holography was invented by Nobel Prize winning Jewish scientist Dennis Gabor. According to the Real View web page, “Real View Imaging has managed to invent and develop a system that can receive volumetric stream such as 3D Ultrasound or any other static or stream of volumes, convert it in real-time to interference patterns and project true holograms using these interference patterns.”

During a clinical trial conducted in collaboration with Phillips Healthcare at Israel’s Schneider Children’s Medical Center Dr. Elchanan Bruckheimer used 3-D angiography to help repair the heart of a 16 year old girl.

According to Bruckheimer, “As an interventional cardiologist I depend on medical imaging, to guide me through my procedures. The first in human trials with the holographic system conducted in my cath lab allowed me to actually work with live holograms in a true clinical 3-D setting and to explore the unique benefits of a genuine 3-D setting. For the first time in my career I had the patient’s virtual heart literally beating in the palm of my hand.”

Check out this video below for more information:

Author: Eitan Press
Staff Writer, United with Israel