One of the most exciting moments in any person’s life is the birth of a child. The rush of exhilaration that accompanies the discovery of a pregnancy may be closely followed by a twinge of panic as the reality sets in that the time has come to consider names.

At the outset, parents who are blessed with a baby girl should take a moment to understand what makes the birth of a daughter so special in the Jewish tradition. Historically, the Sages of the Talmud explained that when the Torah says that Abraham was blessed with “everything,” this phrase indicated that he was blessed with a daughter. (Genesis 24:1; Baba Batra 16b)

The reason that the blessing of a baby girl represents everything is that the birth of a daughter brings with it the promise of the continuation of the Jewish tradition. Indeed, throughout the ages, the sacrifices and perseverance of Jewish women have ensured the Children of Israel’s survival.

Below is a list of some popular Israeli Girl Names and their meanings in English:

Adina– gentle
Ayelet– deer
Bracha– blessing
Emunah– faith
Hadar– splendid
Menucha– tranquility
Orli– I have light
Shira– song
Yaffa– beautiful

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