Vyacheslav (Vladi) Golev and his fiancee, Victoria Fligelman. (Facebook) (Facebook)
Vyacheslav Golev and Victoria Fligelman


The 23-year-old guard was manning a security booth  when two Palestinian terrorists drove up and opened fire.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

Vyacheslav Golev, the Israeli security guard killed in Friday night’s Palestinian terror attack in Ariel had shielded his fiancee with his own body.

The 23-year-old Golev was manning a security booth at the entrance of Ariel with his fiancee, Victoria Fligelman when two Palestinian terrorists drove up in a Suzuki with yellow Israeli license plates and opened fire. Fligelman was also a security guard.

According to Israeli news reports, the terrorists first drove to a high point above the entrance where they were able to observe the security at the entrance of Ariel, the largest Israeli city in Samaria. They then approached the entrance in a car with yellow Israeli license plates and opened fire.

After realizing there was a second person in the guard house, the Palestinians got out of the car and continued firing. Golev was hit at point blank range.

The terrorists then drove off. The car was later found torched in the nearby town of Salfit.

After a 20-hour manhunt, the terrorists — identified as Sameeh Assi and Yahya Marei — were apprehended in their nearby hometown of Qarawat Bani Hassan. Both are in their 20s.

During the manhunt, two other Palestinian fugitives were arrested for unrelated terror charges.

The Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade took credit for the attack. However, Hebrew media reports said Israeli security officials don’t believe Assi was associated with any terror groups while Marei’s family is associated with Hamas.

Ramadan, which ended on Friday, brought with it “a 200% increase in terrorist attacks in Israel between 2005 and 2016,” according to a Dutch study cited by the Jerusalem Post.

IDF officials said Golev’s actions saved Fligelman’s life.

Amy spokesman Ron Kohav said the IDF would investigate the attack to determine if Golev and Fligelman had followed security protocols.

Golev was originally from Beit Shemesh but lived in Ariel after studying at Ariel University.

He is survived by his parents, siblings, and Fligelman, who is from Ashkelon.

Golev will be buried in Beit Shemesh on Sunday.