Manar Hajjaj and one of her twin daughters. (Twitter) Twitter
Arab crime wave


An Arab-Israeli mother and daughter in the mixed city of Lod were the latest victim of a massive wave of violent crime plaguing Arab communities.

By United with Israel Staff

Arab communities in Israel have been ravaged by violent crime, with assaults and murders skyrocketing.

These crimes include honor killings in which family members target each other, and revenge attacks perpetrated by warring clans and organized crime groups.

Last night, an Arab-Israeli mother, Manar Hajjaj, and her twin daughters were shot in their car in the mixed city of Lod in central Israel.

The victims were shot not far from their home as they returned from the store. While one of the 14-year-old twin girls survived, her mother and sister died from their injuries in the shooting.

“Apparently, this is a criminal incident between offenders, but this is only [an] initial [conclusion],” said the Commander of the Police’s Central District Avi Biton, according to a TPS report.

“This is a very serious incident and we’re going to treat it seriously,” Biton commented.

According to official police data cited by TPS, while the Arab demographic in Israel represents about 20% of the overall population, 82% of 2021 cases against firearms offenders in Israel were committed by Arab-Israeli citizens in Arab locales. Criminal violence claimed the lives of 110 Arab-Israelis in 2020 and 126 in 2021.

In response to the Hajjaj murders on Monday, Lod Mayor Yair Revivo was quoted by the Times of Israel as stating, “There continues to be a crazy wave of violence raging in this country, especially in the Arab community, and I am sorry to say this, but the country is not waking up.”

“This is a violation of the security of all the residents of the country — Jews and Arabs alike — and what infuriates and makes my blood boil is that these vile killers have no inhibitions. It is not about criminals who kill criminals, but people who are helpless and incapable of defending themselves, and it is simply terrible,” Revivo added.

“Lod city council member Fida Shehada said the situation in the city was out of control, with the women having been attacked not far from the police station,” the Times reported.