The London-based and Israeli-owned restaurant The Palomar—known for its modern Jerusalemite cuisine—won “Best Restaurant” at the inaugural GQ Food and Drink Awards.

The Palomar is the sister restaurant of the popular Machneyuda restaurant in Jerusalem. Judges for the competition held by the well-known international monthly men’s magazine praised not only the food, but the unique atmosphere at Palomar.

One of the restaurant’s owners, chef Assaf Granit, said, “Just being nominated was flattering. It’s like being a film director nominated alongside Martin Scorsese or Robert De Niro.”

“We’ve all just been in complete ecstasy since we got the good news,” said Granit. “The major advantage of the restaurant beyond the exceptional Israeli flavors is our approach to customers. My partners, Yossi [Elad] and Uri [Navon], and I created a home-like atmosphere for the customers. We create a mix between Israeli warmth and a high level of professionalism. We take care of every detail from the toothpicks to the music.”