It happened in the middle of a crowded Paris subway train when the attacker heard the Israeli speaking Hebrew on the phone with his father.

By United With Israel Staff 

Posting on Facebook on Tuesday, French-Israeli politician Meyer Habib wrote that he is in close contact with a “young Israeli” who was a victim earlier in the day “of an anti-Semitic aggression in Paris, obviously motivated by hatred for Israel.” It happened in the middle of a crowded subway train, simply because the Israeli was speaking Hebrew, he maintains.

The French parliamentarian writes that the Israeli was “brutally beaten…while leaving a voice message in Hebrew to his father on Whatsapp”

The student, identified by Habib as Yogev B., was said to be in a university exchange program. He was reported to have lost consciousness in the attack, was traumatized, but has since regained consciousness.

The assailants, says Habib, were “two individuals of African origin.” It happened, he said, despite the crowd around them. The attack was said to have been carried out at 6am on Tuesday.

The victim required “several stitches” on his face, which was “covered with bruises”, according to the social media description. His nose was said to have been broken.

Habib says that the National Assembly has discussed what he terms “this new  extremist violent anti-Semitism happening on the streets over hate for Israel and conspiracy theories regarding the Jewish State.”

“What better proof is there that hatred for Israel is the new anti-Semitism!” Habib exclaimed on Facebook.

Habib spoke with French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner about this latest attack against Jews, who reportedly assured Habib personally “that all means would be taken to apprehend those responsible.”

Violence in France over hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism is taking place on a “daily basis,” charges Habib, who represents the Union of Democrats and Independents.

Habib was re-elected to the French National Assembly in June 2017, representing the eighth constituency for French residents overseas.

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