: Israeli hackers brought down Iran’s Press TV website and two websites belonging to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

The hackers, who call themselves “IDF Team,” said their actions were a response to a series of attacks on Israeli sites the previous day.

Three additional Iranian sites were hacked and their servers altered to display an Israeli flag and anti-Arab text in English.

The website of Press TV, the Iranian regime’s English-language satellite channel, was unavailable for a short period of time following the hackers’ announcement.

“At 16:30 Israel Clock the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education website will be down until further notice. In addition to Iran’s television network, broadcasting in English round-the-clock, based in Tehran that [is] called Press TV will be down until further notice,” the hackers wrote in a message.

“Ahmadinejad what do you have to say about that?” they added.

The attack represents the latest chapter in an Internet feud that began at the start of the month when an Arab hacker published tens of thousands of Israeli credit card numbers.

Earlier, IDF Team told The Jerusalem Post it was preparing a response after the websites of two Israeli hospitals – Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer and the private Assouta hospital network – were taken offline.

IDF Team has played a pivotal part in Israeli counter-strikes on high-profile Arab websites following attacks by Arab hackers. They appear to have employed a combination of attacks to disable the Iranian websites, by launching dedicated denial-of-service attacks (DDOS) attacks and breaking into Iranian servers.

The Haaretz newspaper’s Hebrew-language website was downed by pro-Palestinian hackers. Haaretz said it saw a message claiming responsibility for the attack by hackers calling themselves “Anonymous Palestine.” The website of the financial newspaper The Marker was also unavailable.

Israeli hackers brought down the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency website and the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange site, in retaliation for a DDOS attack on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the El Al websites.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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