Jerusalem has become a target for rocket terror. Two missiles landed outside Jerusalem on Friday evening in Gush Etzion, although the sirens went off inside Jerusalem itself. According to the Jerusalem Post, “Hamas took credit for the attack, claiming to have shot “an improved Kassam,” which it called an M-75, towards Jerusalem.” Jerusalem resident Shlomit Nulman heard the sirens go off while she was in synagogue and claimed that there were people around her who felt really scared, while others were in shock that this actually happened inside Jerusalem. According to Nulman, “It was the first time that sirens went off since the Gulf War.”

Ben Halpern, who is studying in an American Yeshiva in Jerusalem, was also in the midst of praying when the sirens went off in Jerusalem. He claimed when the sirens went off, he and his fellow Yeshiva students went down the stairs to the bomb shelter, which he claimed was not adequately prepared for such situations for the light didn’t work and there was stuff all over the floor. Ben claimed, “Hearing the siren made me realize that I’m in this as much as the next guy.” Jerusalem, which is holy to Christians, Muslims and Jews, had been removed from the conflict before this.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv has been targeted by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza every day since last Thursday. One of the rockets fired towards Tel Aviv caused a car in Holon to go on fire. The fact that Tel Aviv has been a frequent target of Hamas rockets has caused residents to live in fear. Last Friday night, Tel Aviv bars and restaurants appeared slower than usual. According to the Jerusalem Post, “Up and down Ben Yehuda Street and Dizengoff Boulevard around 9pm, most restaurants appeared to be half full, and the sidewalks weren’t as thick with pedestrians as usual.” See the video below to hear what Tel Aviv residents have to say about Hamas rocket attacks!

However, Southern Israel continues to bear the brunt of the rocket attacks. Seven people were injured on Shabbat when a grad rocket hit a four-story apartment building in Ashdod. The victims were rushed to the hospital, as several more were treated for shock. Meanwhile, three homes in Southern Israel were hit by rockets last Saturday, while an additional one was damaged. One woman was treated for shock as a result. The Barzalai Hospital in Ashkelon reported on Saturday that it was treating 13 people who are suffering from shock, 42 people who are being treated for contusions to their bodies, and an additional person injured by shock waves.

Today, a four-story building in Ashkelon was hit by a Hamas rocket. According to Yedioth Achronot, “Two people sustained light shrapnel wounds in the attack, and five others suffered from anxiety. The rocket penetrated the building through its roof.” Another rocket landed in Ashkelon adjacent to the home of Mina Shahaf, who asserted, “When I heard the siren I entered the secure room. Then I heard a loud blast, so I understood the rocket landed nearby. When I heard voices, I went outside and saw the severe damage that was caused. The car was on fire. I was shocked.” In the Sha’ar Regional Council, a man was seriously wounded from rocket fire today.

Reported by Rachel Avraham for United With Israel