A first-of-its-kind Jewish Heritage guided tour of Israel, under Orthodox Jewish supervision but designed to attract members of all faiths, will take place in March 2014.

Gateway to Zion is a brand new Jewish heritage tour of Israel, uniquely designed for people of all faiths. The tour embraces Israel’s non-Jewish friends to join together for a truly “Jewish experience”, visiting the beautiful, biblical Land of Israel. Led by an Orthodox Rabbi, biblical Israel will come to life, as the meaning behind Jewish beliefs and practice will be fully explained.

The Gateway to Zion tour of Israel will lead its participants on a journey to discover the roots of the Jewish faith in the place where it all began – the Holy Land of Israel. Walking in the footsteps of our Jewish ancestors, tour members will experience the wonders and miracles of the Land of Israel, as the Jewish People have done for 4000 years.

Participants will get to appreciate the Israel of today, with all of its beauty and modern technology. Getting to know the People of Israel is an essential part of the experience, and therefore, the tour will include private meetings with military personal, political leaders as well as ‘regular’ Israeli citizens.

This unique journey to the Holy Land promises to be a life-changing experience, as the bible comes to life and prophesy unfolds in modern day Israel. Witnessing God’s chosen people survive and thrive in its ancient, eternal homeland with be an inspiration to all – Jew and Gentile alike.

Pack your bags for the most inspiring trip of your entire life!

You can learn more by visiting the website at: www.gatewaytozion.com

– Round-trip airfare and luxury accommodations
– Fabulous sightseeing itinerary of biblical and modern sites
– Private meetings with Israeli soldiers & commanders
– Solidarity visits with victims of terror
– Home hospitality with Israeli families
– Debriefings with Knesset members and government officials
– Learning to read the Bible in the original Hebrew
– A traditional Jewish Shabbat in the Old City of Jerusalem
– Learning sessions about the centrality of Israel in Judaism

There is a $500 early-bird discount for those who book by November 1, 2013.


Contact Information for Gateway to Zion:
WEBSITE: www.gatewaytozion.com
EMAIL: tour@gatewaytozion.com
PHONE: +1-646-213-4003

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