: Jordanian state television aired a sermon by cleric Ghaleb Rabab’a, in which he declares that the Arabs will conquer Jerusalem and “shatter the might of Israel,” The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) exposed.

“The (Jordanian) army is invincible,” he says. “Its units are filled with people who pray with imams, and with people who memorized the Koran.”

“This army will never be defeated, Allah willing. Jerusalem will be regained, Allah willing, by the modest and pure hands which hold the Koran high and recite it day and night. This is an army that bows before none but Allah.”

“Today we must take pride in our country and its army, which descends from the Prophet Muhammad,” he continued. “Indeed, my brothers in faith, things will happen, but the arrogance of the Jew will be defeated, Allah willing. This army, my brothers in faith, will shatter the might of Israel, Allah willing…”

It is important to note that Jordan is a country with whom Israel is presumed to be “at peace.” In fact, Article 11 of the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty calls on both countries “to abstain from hostile or discriminatory propaganda against each other, and to take all possible legal and administrative measures to prevent the dissemination of such propaganda by any organization or individual present in the territory of either party.”

Source: IsraelNationalNews

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