Yaron became famous when he initiated the ‘Rockets into Roses’ project, by fashioning the remains of exploded kassam rockets into beautiful metal rose sculptures, menorahs, jewelry and art.

Yaron and his family live in Moshav Yated, a remote Israeli village adjacent to Israel’s border with both Gaza and Egypt. After experiencing numerous rockets attacks in southern Israel, Yaron wanted to teach the world that while Israel’s enemies seek to destroy, Israel is about peace, love and growth from destruction, by “beating swords into plowshares” (Isaiah 2:4).

This past Shabbat turned out to be anything but restful for Yaron’s family and local residents. Early in the morning, around 1:00am, the Code Red Alert siren was sounded and an explosion was heard. Later that morning Yaron and his wife visited the neighboring area that experienced the attack.

Although there were no injuries, there was damage to homes. Yaron said the his community was promised protection 3 years ago but unfortunately that has still has not materialized.

Proceeds from Yaron’s metal artwork are donated towards building greatly needed bomb shelters in southern Israel.

To see and purchase Yaron’s precious work, and help build shelters to protect Israeli citizens from future rocket attacks, visit www.rocketsintoroses.com.