Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch stood before over 1,000 people to deliver his annual Rosh Hashana sermon at the Park East Synagogue.  Koch, who has talked openly about his close ties to President Obama, lambasted the president and current US policy towards Israel:

“I’m distressed.  President Obama is refusing to publicly make clear to Iran that ‘If you get the bomb, we will take you out!’…Nobody understands what ‘We have your back’ means.  We shouldn’t have Israel’s ‘back’ we should have Israel’s ‘front’. As the brave Senator Inouye from Hawaii said last year, the President should say ‘An attack upon Israel will be deemed an attack against the United States.’…President Obama is showing weakness to the Muslim world.”

Mayor Koch then called on the U.S. government to withdraw embassies from all countries where they were attacked and to discontinue all foreign aid and tourism to countries like Egypt which allowed the U.S. embassy to be attacked.  He also called all Americans to send letters to President Obama to express outrage at the weak United States stance taken in the face of the murder and violence against U.S. embassies and to demand that the U.S. take a clear, firm stance against radical Islam and in support of Israel.

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