Be sure to read this wonderful article written by a young man who moved to Israel last year. This man gives such a beautiful perspective on growing to love the land of Israel and growing to be one with Israel upon living here. We look forward to the day when all Jews move back to live here in their homeland.

“I moved to Israel for the same reason many people do. The feeling of being home, the beauty of the Land and I had the added bonus that my family had moved here as well. It was a very practical move, one that no doubt required sacrifice but also made a lot of sense. I certainly didn’t love Israel; at least not on a very deep level. I remember a friend telling me once that when she saw the flag of Israel tears swelled in her eyes as she thought about all the wars fought over this sliver of Land and all the holy souls who gave their lives to keep it. I was amazed by her sense of connection but I myself, felt nothing of the sort.

It is one year later and, as stated, I have changed completely. I have bonded with this Land. I have become one with her. I will, with G-d’s help, never leave. I cherish every moment I have the merit to walk the holy soil and breathe her sweet air. I know there is no other place suitable for me on Earth and even to travel to other places I have little interest. My heart, body and soul are fused with this Land, inseparable, together for eternity. It is no longer just my home but my identity. Without her I would be lost as a blind man in a corn maze.

The question is: What happened over the past year that made me change the way I feel? What transpired that gripped my soul so strongly? These are the questions that have been racing through my mind. I would like to share but a few of my thoughts as to the reason behind this transformation.”

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