This is another example of Palestinian abuse and misuse of cultural and educational events to call for Israel’s end. 

Like many cultural and educational centers around the world, the Yafa Cultural Center in Shechem (Nablus) recently hosted a youth folk dance competition. But unlike their Western counterparts, children at this competition danced to calls for violence and waltzed to words of war, the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which monitors the inciting Palestinian media, reported.

The Yafa Cultural Center, which receives funding from the German development agency GIZ, Norway, and the European Union (EU), posted photos to its website from the first Yafa Folk Dance Competition, in which 17 groups of children performing choreography to folk dance routines competed, and which ended with the declaration of three winners.

The winning presentation, performed by Ru’a Ahmed Sa’id Hamdan, 14, called for violence against Israel and featured the lyrics,“Jihad is needed, pull the trigger:”

“The Zionists coveted [our] homeland, compounding damage and enmity, but the popular revolution awaits [them].”

“The orchard called us to the struggle.”

“We replaced bracelets with weapons / We attacked the despicable [Zionists] / We do not want [internal] strife or disputes.”

“While this invading enemy is on the battlefield / This is the day that Jihad is needed / Pull the trigger.”

“We shall redeem Jerusalem, Nablus and the country.”

This song was previously broadcast on PA TV in 2010.

In keeping with the song’s theme of destroying Israel, the three top scoring dancers were awarded maps of “Palestine” replacing Israel.

PMW has documented numerous instances in which Palestinians have abused educational events, including summer camps and school plays, to educate the younger generation to hate Jews and seek Israel’s destruction.

According to the financial report of the Yafa Cultural Center from late 2014, that year it received contributions from the German development agency GIZ (around NIS 50,000), Norway (some NIS 7,000), and the European Union (around NIS 80,000).

“The way the Palestinian Authority educates its children will determine if there can be peace in the future,” PMW has previously stated. “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas repeatedly professes to foreign audiences his desire for peace between Israel and a Palestinian state living side by side. However, with the prevalence of this type of hate and terror promotion, PA schools themselves are a great impediment to peace.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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