250 pro-Israel people gathered together for a Peace for Israel rally outside the GPO on O’Connell Street in Dublin. Irish people had come together to express their support for Israel’s right to defend herself against Hamas rocket attacks that target Israeli civilian population centers. Labor Party Councilor for the Stillorgan Ward Richard Humpreys proclaimed, “This is a day when we stand in solidarity, friendship and dialogue with Israel. Israel’s right to exist must be acknowledged, as the only Jewish state in the world and the only liberal secular democracy in the Middle East.

This demonstration was peaceful until 100 pro-Palestinian demonstrators turned up, who shouted anti-Israel slurs and threw eggs at Israeli Ambassador Boaz Modai. While the Ambassador himself was not hit, the eggs did splash on one of his guards. Tensions were high after the counter-demonstrators appeared, Arutz Sheva reported. Nevertheless, the number of pro-Israel supporters greatly outnumbered the number of pro-Palestinian counter-protesters in Dublin. Thus, the rally was still a phenomenal success. A video of the rally can be viewed below.

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